Helping the Hamstrings

Today was a strange day.  I had zero plans and zero looming tests or papers, but I felt this need to be productive.

After sleeping for eleven glorious hours, I drove to the rec center for a workout.  I parked my car, hid my keys, and ran for 20 minutes outside.  Then I headed inside for a killer leg  session, based off a workout from The Lean Green Bean (linked in this post):

5 rounds of:

  • 10 weighted squats with overhead press
  • 10 single leg deadlifts per leg + 10 front raises + 10 lateral raises
  • 10 reverse lunges with front kick per leg + 10 bicep curls
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 side lunges per leg + 10 tricep kickbacks
  • 10 walking lunges per leg
  • 10 push ups

I used two 10lb dumbells for every move except the burpees (no weights) and the front & lateral raises (two 5lb dumbells).

This workout was challenging, and my legs hated me so much that I started looking forward to the push ups.  I think a pack of runners would nod in agreement when I say that I neglect strengthening my hamstrings, so the single leg deadlifts were quite humbling.  

Single leg deadlift:

Another hamstring killer is the hamstring curl on an exercise ball, which I didn’t do today:

After the workout, I continued with my productive-but-not-really day by taking a bag of clothing to Goodwill and spending an inordinate amount of time wandering around Target.  I also called my sister Laura (twice) to catch up and watched the Harry Potter movie marathon while pinning crafts that I will probably never make.


We have a few days to recap.

Wednesday: Circuit workout in my garage.  Very close to the St. Patrick’s Day Circuit except I pooped out and did one less circuit; my legs were exhausted, and I was about to tackle the dog across the street that would not stop barking at me.

Thursday: 7 mile run at 5:30am.  Easy effort (well, hard effort for 5am, but easy pace).

morning: 6.5 mile run at 5:30am.  I did a tempo ladder–After a 10 minute warm up, I picked up the pace for 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 5 min (and then back down) with one minute of easy running between.
evening: 45 minutes of strength training/toning.  This was pretty unstructured and relaxed; I barely broke a sweat.  I left school at 5pm and had no studying or reading to do, Ryan was out of town, and I felt like doing something productive.  I love the gigantic rec center, so I had fun playing around with pinterest workouts I had been wanting to try.


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