Tricking Yourself Speedy

Today started with a fantastic sprint workout:

10 minutes of easy running
20 x (30 sec sprints, 30 sec rest)
3 minutes of easy running
10 x (30 sec sprints, 30 sec rest)
3 minutes of easy running
5 x (30 sec sprints, 30 sec rest)
10 minutes of easy running

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t enjoy speedwork. I think it’s stressful.  I used to do speed sessions on Tuesday evenings with a local running group, and I dreaded it all week because I felt like I had to push myself so hard to make the track session worth it.  The all-or-none approach.

Now that I don’t run with a group and I’m not guilted into the weekly track session, I’m trying to include speedwork without the pressure of needing to run my absolute hardest.  I’ve found that these help make speedwork less stressful:

  • Not being on a track–actually, I kind of like not even knowing the exact distance of repeats because then I’m not trying to beat the clock.
  • Telling myself that anything faster than normal is good, even if I only pick up the pace a little.  I don’t have to push it as hard as possible.
  • Starting with a long warmup (1-2 miles) at a crawling pace.
  • Doing something different from 400m, 800m, or 1600m repeats (:30 on/off, 1 minute intervals, etc)

I really liked today’s :30 on :30 off workout.  I got the idea from this workout a week and a half ago, except that I took a compete :30 rest this time instead of :30 slow jog.  Taking the entire 30 seconds to catch my breath let me run the intervals better.

After the run and the largest bowl of peanut butter/banana/chia seed oatmeal my stomach has ever encountered, I got to spend a chunk of the afternoon with Ryan!  We played Yahtzee outside in the sunshine, and he absolutely kicked my butt, starting with a Yahtzee (shout: YAHTZEE!) on his very first turn.  My losing streak continued with a demoralizing game of foosball.

I finished up the afternoon at school/work, and then Ryan picked me up for a workout date.  Since I had a heart-pounding cardio session this morning, I puttered around the weight room and did an arm workout and a few minutes of abs.

Now that it’s summer, I’m creating a loose list of summer goals.
So far:

  • Read fun books
  • Cook real food
  • Play outside as much as possible

I kicked off my lengthy list of summer fun with The Book Thief by Markus Zusak yesterday.


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