Run-Burpee-Squat and Alien Knee

I have a new workout to share!

I got to school early and worked through the morning, so it was noon before I laced up my running shoes for this gem:


Just enough burpees to make my heart pound but not enough to make me want to die.  Paired with the squats, my legs were on fire.

I went back to school for the rest of the afternoon before coming home for a quick and easy dinner.
As I ate my egg medley for the thousandth time this year, I vowed to make real food very soon.

After dinner, Ryan and I played outside!  We didn’t have a ball, but rocks worked just fine.  We threw rocks in the river, kicked rocks in the river, and t-ball’d rocks in the river.  We played catch with rocks, played hacky sack with rocks, and [Ryan] juggled rocks.

He juggled 4 (5?) rocks like a rockstar while I struggled with 2.

Here we are with the guest appearance of Alien Knee.  If you look closely, you can see the “eyeball” marks from Ryan’s surgery above the rock mouth.


2 thoughts on “Run-Burpee-Squat and Alien Knee

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