Playground Fun

Today I returned to the spot of the Circular Logic Marathon on a whim for a [much shorter] run.  It was weird to see the course again; the loop will be etched in my mind forever, but the atmosphere was so different and lonely.  Cue the tumbleweed.


Anyway, I set out for 5 miles, and all 5 miles were slower than my average pace for the marathon.  It’s amazing what the body can do when it’s trained.  I was also feeling a little sluggish today under the blazing sun.

Remember the water table from the marathon?

This was the water table today.

I followed up this run with some lower body moves (weighted lunges/squats/etc) and an ab workout.

Later in the evening, a group of us got together at a supervisor’s house for a Euchre night!  After two decades of trying, I have 100% morphed into a card lover, and Euchre is a specialty.  A few of the girls had never played before, so we had fun teaching them how to play while picking out the best pieces of Chex Mix (pretzels for me, bagel chips for Andrea, chex for no one).

Then Andrea and I meandered our way through a playground.

APKS park

The last picture is our rendition of the creepy yet funny “overly attached girlfriend” meme:



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