Weekend in Michigan

I spent the weekend in Michigan visiting one of my very best friends and roommate of 3 years, Sarah!


I hadn’t seen Sarah in nearly a year, so we had plenty to catch up on and chatted our way through the weekend.

I got to her apartment late Thursday night after a hectic day of working, clinic, report writing, and a looong car ride.  I was a bit concerned about staying awake for the drive, so [in addition to the 2 pots of coffee I drank throughout the day] I kept myself awake with 44oz of Diet Coke and 5 hours of the radio.  Me, P!nk, and Nate Ruess were a jammin’ trio.

I pulled into Sarah’s parking lot a little after 11pm, and we greeted each other with a running hug and some squealing.  After an apartment tour, several handfuls of trail mix, and a quick catch-up, we called it a night.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday:

We talked.  Lots and lots.

We smelled pretty flowers.  Sarah was looking for a hanging plant for her porch, so we walked to a local flower shop and wandered through the plant section of Home Depot.  I am flower-dumb and need a word bank to name the basic flowers, but Sarah has a very large mental inventory for flowers.
This is a Dollar Princess.  It’s so whimsical and pretty; I love it!  (This picture was actually taken after I got back from my trip because I was excited that I found them at the grocery store.)

We ate.  Holy cow, I had a 3-day food baby.
Here’s our Friday meal: minty water (the mint leaves are from Sarah’s home-grown mint plant!); a pasta salad with penne, mint, cantaloupe, ham, and parmesan cheese (sounds weird but tastes incredible.  Recipe here.); a cobbler with frozen fruit, cake mix, and a can of Sprite (recipe here).

Sarah warned me that the fire alarm goes off every time she uses her oven and I was skeptical, but she was right.  As soon as it started beeping, I flapped a towel at it while Sarah taped a different towel over it.

Problem solved, ears saved.

Back to the cobbler…
Sarah and I ate the whole cobbler in 2 days.
Rephrase: Sarah and I ate 10 servings of cake in 2 days.
Rephrase: Sarah and I ate 10 servings of frozen fruit in 2 days!

Out of the pan.

We also tried a few restaurants: I highly recommend Olga’s Kitchen and Cosi.  They’re both a little like my gold standard Panera Bread.

We brought our Cosi lunches to the coolest and largest farm-themed playground known to man.

We watched The Breakfast Club (old) on Friday night, The Great Gatsby (new) on Saturday night, and a dozen episodes of How I Met Your Mother whenever we could squeeze them in.  I tend to watch an embarrassingly little amount of tv and movies, but Sarah keeps up.  We joke about the time I came back to our old apartment after running a marathon, and she and Britt were watching a marathon–of Law & Order SVU.

We listened to this song by JT.  Over and over.  On repeat.  At least 30 times.

We also went to the mall, scoured the dollar store, walked a trail, met up with Sarah’s friends, and aw’d at cute puppies.


Thursday: Tempo Ladder run at 5:30am.  6.5 miles; felt great!

Friday: Sarah was nice enough to agree to sleep in and let me run in the morning.  I did the Run-Burpee-Squat workout around her parking lot.  Her neighbors must think I am CRAZY for burpee-ing, squatting, and running circles around the parking lot for an hour.

Saturday: 7 miles, easy pace.  Happy I didn’t get lost.

Sunday: 7 miles, easy pace.  I tried to “up” the pace, realized the pace would not “up”, and gave up on the idea of a tempo run.



4 thoughts on “Weekend in Michigan

  1. I love Olga’s Kitchen, I try to hit it up every time I am in Michigan. Sounds like you had a fun trip! See ya tomorrow!

      • I just looked at the list of Olga’s kitchen locations–I had no idea there were so many (almost all of them) in Michigan!

        Regarding the pop– Weekly wins: A=1, K=0. You’re on!

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