The Tub Incident

Aside from the tub incident (which we will cover momentarily), today was a lovely day.

I started with a serving of sneaky speedwork with the :30 on/off workout.  I followed the same format as last time, so my speed bursts were 20 x (:30 on/off), 10 x (:30 on/off), 5 x (:30 on/off), and this workout kicked my butt!  I was so tired at the end that I couldn’t even jog the cooldown and had to walk.  Next time I’ll be bringing water.

After the run, I ate the breakfast experiment (overnight oats) that I had mixed together last night–uncooked oats, strawberry greek yogurt, milk, and chia seeds.  This morning, an unfortunate-looking, oddly textured gelatinous bowl of yogurt oats was waiting for me in the fridge.

The verdict?


I didn’t photograph the oatmeal because I’m hoping to forget about that disaster.
It wouldn’t have been so bad if I actually liked yogurt.

After the barf of a breakfast, I popped over to school for a bit and then visited Ryan in his office; our buildings are almost neighbors!

Then I was welcomed back to my apartment by the tub incident.  

Lauren and I are on the bottom floor.  Last fall, there was a plumbing problem that left the garbage disposal contents of our 2nd & 3rd floor friends in our sink.  It was an utterly disgusting backup that smelled about as good as it looked.  We refer to this the sink incident.

When I came back to my apartment today after visiting Ryan, I noticed that the water level in my toilet was remarkably low and both Lauren and I swore up and down we didn’t do anything.  I called the maintenance man, who came right over and surveyed the scene.

From my spot in the kitchen, I heard him open the shower curtain, let out an expletive, and leave with the promise of coming back soon with the reinforcements.

Long story short, the tub incident was very similar to the sink incident, but this time our tub wasn’t filled with garbage disposal.  It was much much worse.

A few hours later, we got the green light to use our shower, sinks, and toilet again.  I am 100% sicked out, but Lauren was a great sport about it.

       The tub incident                         The sink incident

I headed over to Ryan’s to grumble and moan about the poopy shower, and he went with me to Walmart to buy a new shower curtain liner.  We stopped at a park on our way back and had fun teeter-tottering, exploring, dangling our feet off a tall ledge, doing pull ups (Ryan), and attempting pull ups (Karen).

Then we made a Ryan-Karen Specialty for dinner: a rice, beans & veggie bowl with teriyaki sauce and peanut butter!  Yum!



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