And then I cuddle my cat

Quote of the day: “I do cardio in the fitness center and then do ab exercises on my floor at home.  Well, I do a few crunches and then my cat climbs on me, so then I just lay there and cuddle my cat.  And I call it ab work.” -Andrea

If I had a cat, I might do the same thing.

Let’s talk about food for a minute and then more fitness.

Ryan and I made crepes last night!  Over Thanksgiving, I got to try Ryan’s mom’s crepes, which were delicious!  She is an excellent crepe maker.

I am not.

The ill-fated first crepe:


Looks like bad scrambled eggs, tastes like pancakes.  I mean, smothered with peanut butter, who can tell the difference?

I handed the spatula to Ryan and was demoted to lettuce washer.  CrepeMasterRyan harnessed his crepe gene and saved the day!


We enjoyed the crepes with peanut butter, Nutella, M&Ms, and a fruit creation made with apples+applesauce+frozen fruit+cinnamon.  (We had salad and asparagus beforehand to get our veggies out of the way).


I tried a new workout yesterday:

Run and do this circuit every half mile:
3x: 10 push ups, 10 mountain climbers, 10 squats

The idea is similar to the run-burpee-squat workout from last week with running and short circuits, though this one focused more on the arms than the legs.  My running segments were loosely half a mile–they ranged from 3 minutes to 5 minutes depending on where I could find a flat, shaded area with no people in sight.  I finished 8 circuits and probably 4ish miles, followed by a kitty-less ab routine.

Lately my workouts have been “new and nontraditional” for me, like adding burpees or squats to a run or doing a pinterest circuit.  I don’t have any upcoming races, so I’ve been free to run/workout whenever and however without following a training plan.  I like the freedom, and trying new/different exercises keeps me out of a running rut, but I do miss structure.  My plan now is to keep doing “new-and-exciting-but-not-necessarily-running” workouts a few times a week but stay in decent half marathon shape in case a fun or local race pops up.


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