Llama Friends

Ryan and I went to a bonfire on Saturday night at Brian and Amanda’s house, two friends from our church lifegroup.

A lot of people from church were there, and we all had fun talking, eating burgers, playing outdoorsy games, and sitting around the bonfire. Brian and Amanda have a gigantic and secluded yard that is home to a menagerie of animals: llamas, peacocks, and ducks (fuzzy little baby ducks too!).  The ducks were hilarious–they marched around the yard in a quacking single-file line like an oblivious duck parade.

Ryan and I snapped a few pictures with the llamas–as quickly as possible because they were a little intimidating.
IMG_5229 IMG_6760 IMG_0351

There was also lots and lots of good food.  Ryan and I brought veggies, and the two of us probably ate 90% of them.  Other and more popular items included Meg’s famous bruschetta, a glorious baked bean casserole with bacon, strawberry bars that tasted like pie, and three different kinds of green olives (okay, these weren’t popular and I ended up taking home all of them.  Win!).

As it started to get dark and late, some guests with kids trickled out for bedtime, but the majority of our life group stuck around.  Meg suggested we play Mafia, and I JUMPED on that train.  I love large group games–anything ranging from spud to charades–and haven’t had much of a chance to play them in grad school.

In addition, Mafia will always have a special meaning to me…
My group of friends in undergrad played Mafia all the time freshman and sophomore year until The Day That Almost Ruined Friendships: We were deep into the realms of Mafia when two people fervently claimed to be the cop.  Please note that my undergrad friends were cut-throat competitive with anything that could remotely be a competition.   RealCop and FakerCop viciously argued their positions and yanked the group into two camps.  It was an uncomfortable tug-of-war fueled by peer pressure that ended with FakerCop winning for the mafia and RealCop angrily storming out of the room.  FakerCop and RealCop didn’t speak for a week, and we never played Mafia again.

Anyway, the bonfire game of Mafia was good-humored.  Ryan was the cop and guessed both members of the mafia right off the bat, so it was a quick win for the townspeople.

Other scenes from this weekend:

  • Ryan and I made another batch of Awesome Cookies.
    They call for butter, but we usually use applesauce instead.  Unfortunately we didn’t have applesauce or butter this time, so I assured Ryan that yogurt would make a perfectly fine substitute.  Meh.  The cookies have a weird strawberry essence to them, but they’re still good.
  • My sister Laura and I signed up for a 5k next Saturday!  It’s the first 5k of the year for both of us.  I have no idea what kind of time to expect because my last  5k was a trail race last October, and made a lot of changes to my training (e.g. less running and more strength).

Here’s a wonderful and funny video to check out:

Great Musical Couple at the gas pumps–a husband and wife bust it out in song and dance at the gas pump.  This video is so happy!


Friday: 6 miles, moderate pace

Saturday: 10.5 miles (8:30 pace).  I haven’t been running double digits lately, so I was pretty tired at the end of this one.

Sunday: A new workout creation before church:

Run 1 mile

3 x (5 burpees, 10 walking lunges, 15 push ups, 5 squat jumps, 10 squat kicks, 15 tri dips)
Run 5 minutes
^Repeat 3x

Run 1 mile


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