Prison Escape Route

At noon, I went out for a run and tried the 30-20-10 workout from this article on Runner’s World:

  1. Warm up with an easy mile or so
  2. 5 x (30 seconds easy, 20 seconds tempo, 10 sprint) with no rests
  3. Run 3 minutes easy and repeat step 2 a few times
  4. Cool down with an easy mile

I had a very rough start to this workout and almost bagged it during the warm up.  After running two slow warm up miles, my shins were burning with pressure and I had a nasty foot slap.  I stopped several times to stretch out my butt, which helped for about a minute before my shins cramped again.  I tried to ignore it (not possible) and managed to struggle through one set of the workout in slow motion.  I had never tried to sprint with crazy legs until today, and it was quite an experience.

The shin pressure went away 30 minutes into the run, and then I was able to carry on normally.  Weird.  It had been a few weeks  since my last bout of shin pressure, so I’m not sure what caused it, but my best guess is tight glutes/hamstrings from the leg workout yesterday.

My main mantra to push me along this workout was I’m already sweaty and I’ll have to shower anyway, so I might as run hard.  It worked!

Speaking of motivation, here’s a post I found via pinterest from Heather at Then Heather Said about getting motivated to run in the evenings: Running in the Evenings.  Though I’m typically a morning runner, she lays out some great tips and mind tricks to avoid wimping out.  What usually works for me if I’m trying to pump myself up for an evening workout is to try something new, like mapping out a new route or running tempo intervals of varying length.  If all else fails, I think about the worst run I’ve ever had and tell myself that it can’t possibly be worse.

Ryan and I watched a show called Breakout on the National Geographic channel yesterday.  Breakout reenacts real-life prison breakouts in a detailed account from the point of view of the criminal (at least the one episode we watched was from the inmate’s eyes).  I was drawn in by the complexity of the escape plan and the skill and creativity it must have taken to devise it.

If I were in prison, I always imagined my escape as a heroic and graceful dodge-and-sprint as soon as the guard opened my door.

  1. Actually, I had never imagined my escape plan until five minutes ago.
  2. And really, we all know I would never have the guts to attempt such a feat.
  3. I’m counting on not needing to test this theory.

Since I was so enthralled by Breakout, I picked up a movie at the library to watch with Ryan:
Date night!


3 thoughts on “Prison Escape Route

  1. thanks for the compliments and for sharing my post 🙂 I love your idea of thinking about the worst run ever and promising myself it can’t possibly be THAT BAD. Totally going to use that one the next time I’m half way through and wanting to quit!! Thanks 🙂

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