Food Post!

Ryan and I are on a summer mission to eat more vegetables.  Enter VeggieSummer2013.  I eat lots and lots of fruit, but my vegetable intake could use a little nudge.

The following weekends eats are brought to you by my kitchen, supported by VeggieSummer2013 and my and Ryan’s taste buds:

We made two new recipes on Sunday that were healthy, easy, and delicious!

Greek Quinoa Salad from A Better Life With Burgers

This was a light and refreshing quinoa dish with cucumber, tomatoes, feta, red onion, lemon, & olive oil.  Ryan and I added an orange pepper too.  It was delicious! The texture and flavor combination reminded me of unrolled sushi rolls, which is the perfect solution if you love sushi rolls but can’t make difficult things (like crepes). I want to add avacado next time.

Black Bean Meatless Meatballs from The Lean Green BeanDSCN0687

Yum!  We added diced orange peppers to sneak in another veggie.  And beans are kind of a distant relative…right?

After all of that fancy food, Ryan and I celebrated Memorial Day with a kindergarten classic:

Peanut Butter and banana sandwiches and veggie sticks with more peanut butter.


40 minute AMT (5 minute warm up, 1 minute intervals of hard/easy effort)
15 minute leg workout
20 minute arm workout
and some abs


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