Home for the Weekend

I’m home for the weekend to see my family, go to a few grad parties, and run a 5k with Laura.  Today, though, I have nothing on my agenda, so I’m sitting on the couch watching mindless tv, drinking coffee, hoping it rains to justify not running a pre-race few miles, and willing up the motivation to do my laundry.  Something about being at home puts me in mega-lazy mode.

So the prison kick continues.  Ryan and I watched another episode of Breakout on Tuesday and Escape from Alcatraz on Wednesday.  I prefer Breakout because the show is set up like a documentary, and episodes are less than an hour.  It’s like watching someone else figure out a complicated puzzle that you assumed was impossible.  So hooked.

Here are our tough and mean Alcatraz faces.


And an exciting note from school: I made ear impressions on a patient yesterday for the first time!  We learned how to do it in January, but opportunities on real patients are pretty rare with the increasing popularity of open fit hearing aids.  The procedure went smoothly, and I really wasn’t nervous.  Yay!

Throwback from January!  Here’s Andrea waiting for the ear impression in her right ear to dry.


Wednesday: Great run!  3:00 pm, 80 degrees, and 7.5 miles.  My legs surprised me with a tempo surge for miles 4 and 5 at a 7:30 pace.  I’ll be happy if I can run that pace at the 5k this weekend.  I think I’ll be happy with any pace as long as my shins don’t cramp up.

Before I ran, my plan was to come back and do a quick ab workout and a quick arm workout.  After I ran, I sprawled my sweaty self out on my floor to find a new ab workout on Pinterest.  And then I stayed on my floor, pinning.  The ab workout didn’t happen.  Neither did the arm workout.

Thursday: Rest day in preparation for Saturday.  This may have been the first rest day of the month?  A side effect of a light May schedule + not training for anything is that my workouts are unconfined and decided on day-by-day.

Happy Friday!


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