Parkinson’s Steady Strides 5k

Laura and I ran a 5k this morning!


It was the Parkinson’s Steady Strides 5k.  Proceeds from the event went to a chapter of the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, and there were a ton of people there to run, walk, cheer, or just support the cause.

My dad came to watch my sister and me, but he didn’t run it because he’s racing a triathlon tomorrow morning.
Funniest story from today: My dad, Laura, and I were talking with one of my dad’s friends before the race started, and a friend of that friend came up and introduced herself to us.  She asked Laura and me if we were running.  Yes.  Then she turned to my dad and asked the same thing.  After he said no, she gave him a nod of encouragement and replied You’re walking?  Laura and I about died inside at the thought of him ever signing up to walk a 5k.

The race started at 9am on the high school track.  My first mile was a 6:59–faster than I expected, but I felt good.  Mile 2 was slower (7:13), and mile 3 was slowest (7:40).  I started out too fast, but it was still a good race.  The temperature was probably in the 70s and humid, and the sky was overcast.

I finished in 22:58.  4th female overall, and 2nd in my age group.

I got this blue hat as an age group award.  According to Laura, hats are not a good look for me, and I should never shave my head.

Laura did an awesome job!  Her goal was to run the whole thing, and she did it! I’m so proud of her!  She’s even running another 5k next weekend.
Yay Laura!


No father-daughter post race pic because he was still out walking the race.  Just kidding.  I plan to stretch this joke out as far as it will go.

Pop update for Andrea (re: joint mission of drinking less pop this summer.  Summer only.  Come September, bathe me in Diet Coke)– I’m two fountain pops deep today AND I’m going to a graduation party tonight.  Doomed.


4 thoughts on “Parkinson’s Steady Strides 5k

  1. I am kicking your butt girl!

    My total for the past 3 weeks: 2 root beers (which as I have stated before do not really count) and 1 can of Coke!

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