Grad party weekend

Today started with a hot run.  It was late morning by the time I peeled myself out of bed and changed into running clothes, so I was welcome by a heat blast.  My glutes and calves were a little tight from the race yesterday, but they warmed in the first few miles, and I ran about 9 miles at an 8:30ish pace.  The run felt pretty good, but I didn’t bring any water, so I was overheated and exhausted by the time I finished.

After sticking my head in the freezer, chugging a glass of ice water, doing a plank, not doing any more planks, and eating watermelon faster than I could taste it, I took a shower.

A little bit later, I went to my friend Lauren’s high school graduation party–she’s the little sister of Stephanie, one of my best friends from high school!  Our friend Jessica was there too, whom I probably hadn’t seen since high school.

Jessica, Stephanie, and me

We had a lot to catch up on!  We talked about our current lives, reminisced about high school band, and fondly remembered the time Jessica came to my 18th birthday party an hour early and also about the time Jessica (first chair flute) came to a band concert late and Stephanie (second chair flute) almost had to take her solo.  We ate cake, squished cake, and discussed whether Stephanie sold her house large bean bag chair through ebay.  Steph also had a kiki by herself because neither Jessica nor I know the song Lets have a Kiki.

This is the season of high school graduation parties, but my family has phased out of high school (my brother graduated last year), so I only had 2 parties to go to.  The other one was last night, and it was also a lot of fun.  I played Tonto with a group of tweenage card newbies that my dad and I recruited, and I got my butt beat in corn hole.  I also enjoyed all of the cake icing I could hoard on my plate.  My two favorite graduation party foods are: 1. cake and 2. mac and cheese (particularly the crusty edges).  Both had both!  Win and win.


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