Another Garage Circuit

Back at school and ready to work.  …so very pumped.

I had one last workout at home before heading back to school: a new circuit workout in my garage!  I went through the circuit 7(!!) times with a 2 minute run up and down my street between each round:
10 burpees
15 squats*
20 push ups
10 walking lunges/leg*
10 squat jumps
20 ball crunches
20 v-ups
20 tricep dips

*I used two 10-lb weights for the squats and lunges.

This was a fun workout.  I like doing circuit workouts in my garage because it’s kind of like being outside, but no one can see me except for the dogs across the street.  Squatting and burpee-ing in front of dogs isn’t as awkward as it is in front of people.

Aside from feeling like a weirdo, whenever I do a squat jump in public I have a slight fear that a passerby will run over to save me.  The motion of a squat jump looks remarkably similar to a jumping summon for help, in my opinion.

After the workout, I took a few minutes to do 2 sets of 15 glute bridges, 15 supermans (supermen?), 1:00 reverse plank.  The second reverse plank was a struggle for my hamstrings.

Then I did more laundry and puttered around my house for a while before heading back to school.

Car pop? You bet.


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