National Running Day

Happy National Running Day!

DSCN0087 DSCN0088

Krista and I are Zumba-ing tonight, but I might sneak in a little run to celebrate the holiday.

I was actually planning to run a local, cheap, no-frills 5k tonight as the first race in a summer series, but it was cancelled due to flooding.  I like the idea of “practice 5ks” because they’re a way to race without race anxiety.  I hate being nervous, but it’s hard to be competitive without being nervous first.  Plus, I was hoping to make running friends.  The course should have plenty of time to dry up before the next race in the series.

I was bummed that the 5k was cancelled, but this freed up my Wednesday evening for Zumba with my friend Krista! I’m excited and ready to show off my terrible Zumba moves with the Latin American flare that I don’t have.

Let’s finish out this full-of-fitness post with yesterday’s workout.  (After classes start on Monday, I’ll probably have things to talk about other than running).

Run: 30-20-10 Training found through Runner’s World: 2 mile warm up, 4 x (5 minutes of :30 easy, :20 harder, :10 sprint).  I loved it!  Okay, actually I hated it, but in the best way.  It was fun speedwork.
Followed by 10 minutes of ab work.

Ryan picked me up after work, and we went to the rec center for a quick workout date.  It was great to see him after both of us were gone for the weekend!  His workout was much harder than mine; I did a few arm exercises and then wandered around the rec center without breaking a sweat because I was really tired from the run.

Then we watched more Breakout.  This time they escaped through the tunnels!


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