Ryan and I went camping this weekend at one of Indiana’s State Parks!

The night before, I packed anything and everything I thought I might happen to need for 24 hours, including way too many t-shirts, 2 books, 2 hats (I don’t even wear hats), and about 10 pairs of contacts.  Just in case, right?  Ryan hung out and read and ate chocolate.


We hit the road on Friday afternoon after I finished a lab at school, complete with the four essentials to a good road trip, according to Karen:

  1. Good company (Ryan)
  2. Great jams (Jesus music and today’s hits)
  3. Pop (Diet Coke)
  4. Car snacks (SO MUCH TRAIL MIX)
  1. DSCN0726

The campground we originally planned to go to was full, but the woman there recommended a neighboring campsite that still had openings, and we got one of the last 3 spots!

So excited!

Me and Ryan

We claimed our site and went off to explore the campground, hike a few trails, and swat a few bugs.  We wandered around until our legs were tired, and then Ryan got our site situated and started a fire while I took pictures/watched/probably ate trail mix/helped a little.

Ta Da!

We had previously planned out a food list for Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast and lunch, and our fruit & veggie selection was awesome.  Apples, oranges, watermelon, grapes, bananas, carrots, broccoli, celery, cherry tomatoes.  Pure produce domination.

The food stash!

For Friday dinner/Saturday breakfast & lunch, we made bacon & egg burritos, grilled cheese, grilled peanut butter and cheese (never again), and peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  We paired the sandwiches with peanut-butter-slathered-vegetables, lots of fruit, and water that smelled like a pool.  And we ate trail mix.  Basically I ate trail mix at every possible opportunity.

Makin’ bacon

Grilled cheese and coffee on the fire

And we had s’mores, of course!

Trail mix s’more.  So much trail mix.

Ryan isn’t a coffee drinker, but he offered to bring a camping coffee maker for me if I brought coffee grounds.  I did, but I didn’t bring a mug, which I realized after Ryan made me coffee.  We had a few creative ideas that involved a plastic water bottle, a cup made out of foil, and a shallow dish made out of foil.  After melting my water bottle and dripping coffee out of the foil cup, I was able to lap up a few sips from the shallow bowl.

Melted water bottle and foil cup attempt


Ryan and I hiked some awesomely rugged trails, complete with shallow streams, tricky footing, and ladders!  It was super fun.

We also saw a racoon (close up, and I’m pretty sure it slept right next to the tent), a deer, and some fun creepy crawlies.

Bonus news= Mosquito Queen is bite-free!


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