Summer School!

Who is excited for summer classes?!

Photo on 6-10-13 at 1.02 PM #2

..okay, actually I am, but only a little bit; I’m ready to feel like I’m doing something with my days.  Don’t let Andrea’s face fool you.  Direct quote from her: “It’s good to be back!”

Today we start off the summer semester with four hours of pediatric audiology!

Photo on 6-10-13 at 1.02 PM
Andrea, Bre, and me.  Lauren was finishing up clinic.

Yesterday after church with Ryan, I went over to Andrea’s and spent part of the afternoon with Andrea and Bre at her pool.


Andrea informed me today that she is holding strong on our no pop/less pop summer challenge.  I am clearly failing.  According to Andrea, root beer doesn’t count as a pop, nor does rum & coke, so her pop count is 0.  I’m only at 0 if road trip pop, party pop, celebratory pop, tired pop, and “just because I’m really thirsty” pop all don’t count.  So I’m basically at 0 too.

But I’ve discovered a somewhat successful plan to curb my daily Diet Coke.  Refill juice containers with flavor packets!  Then I can carry the giant containers around with me (in my apartment only) and drink straight from the bottle.  I’ve been going through about one a day, which is probably worse for me than pop.


Flashback to undergrad:
Britt, Sarah, and me.  My old college roommates and I never used cups (and never had to wash any!).  Photocredit goes to a pantry shelf.

lots to recap

Wednesday: 6.5 mile run (slow and hot), Zumba with Krista

Thursday: 30-20-10 speedwork

Friday: 60 minute circuit outside (5-10-15 circuit):
1 mile run
3 x [3 x (5 burpees, 10 walking lunges/leg, 15 push ups, 5 squat jumps, 10 side squat kicks/leg, 15 tri dips, run 5 min)
1 mile run

Saturday: Rest day, kind of.  Nothing intense, but Ryan and I walked about 5 miles–we hiked around the campground in the morning and went on another walk in the evening.

am: Tempo Ladder Run at 8:00am.  It was already nice and toasty out, but the run was good.
pm: legs & arms strength (25 minutes total)


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