Look who I found creeping around the corner:
Don’t worry, he’s made of rubber.  The SLP students love scavenger hunt style speech & language therapy.

Remember the practice 5k “race” I was going to run last week, but then it was cancelled due to flooded and soppy trails?  It’s rescheduled for tonight and I’m planning on going.  But for whatever reason, I’m really dreading it and hope it gets rained out again.  This is a fine example of my winning optimism and love of races.  I was that kid who cheered on the rain the day before a softball game.

Unfortunately, it’s 88 degrees and sunny with a 0 percent chance of rain at 6pm, so maybe I’ll finally make those running friends.

I’ve been hydrating all day just in case the 0 percent chance of rain holds off.  Water, an entire container of juice, and watermelon.  Mega points to Ryan who buys me watermelon.  He brought half of a watermelon camping and then he gave me the other half–I pretty much polished off the whole thing.  Thanks Ryan!

A beautiful sight.

This morning I reviewed my patient files for tomorrow’s clinic, and I saw the word “lyrago” in a previous chart note.  Sometimes clinicians use medical terms I’ve never heard of before, so I googled lyrago, lyrago ear, and lyrago audiology and found nothing.  (But laryngomalacia is a condition involving a weak larynx.)
So I took a closer look at lyrago and realized it to be “1 yr ago” all smashed together.  Oh.


am: 7.5 mile run, easy
pm: 50 minute cardio blast class with Krista and Taylor

Tuesday: 60 minute bodyweight circuit outside (with about 3 miles of running).  It’s the workout from Friday.

For the past month and a half-ish, my weekly workout schedule has been pretty unstructured; I’ve fit in a few runs and a few strength sessions each week without following a set plan, and it’s been awesome.  It was relaxing to take a vacation from “I do this on Monday and this on Tuesday and rest on Wednesday, etc” and instead do whatever I felt like.  But now (maybe because classes started) I want more structure and I need a race goal.  Not sure if I want to conquer a fall marathon, but maybe a kick-butt half?


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