Trail Run Series 5k

This post in a little late, but here we go.

I ran a 5k trail race on Wednesday evening!  It was the first of 3 trails races in a summer series put on by a local running group–only $5 and as low-key as possible.

The race started at 6:30pm, and I reluctantly dragged myself to the registration table at 5:45pm.  Even after sitting in my air-conditioned car listening to an entire song start to finish in the parking lot, I was the first runner to sign up.  I waited a painfully long five minutes until the next runner arrived.  More people drove in as it got closer to 6pm, and there ended up being 60+ total runners.

Before I give the race recap, let’s review my goals of this “race”:

  1. Get in a nice tempo run.
  2. Make running friends.

Goal 1: Get in a nice tempo run.
It was 88 degrees, maybe 90, and the race was on a rugged trail, so I abandoned all thoughts of a fast time.  The miles weren’t marked, so I’m really curious about my mile splits–I felt like I started out pretty slow, but then I hit a wall in mile 3 (can you hit the wall in a 5k? let’s go with yes) and finished out the race in slow motion.  Or with heat stroke.
I loved the trail course, but it was much tougher than I’d expected–mud, sand, branches; nature in all its bumpy glory.

The finish line was a beautiful sight, and I was so exhausted when I crossed it that I wasn’t sure if I would make it ten feet to the water table.  Someone asked me what I thought of the course, and I am pretty sure I just moaned and hobbled to the water, but my dehydrated memory of those few minutes is a little blurry.

Timewise, I finished in 23:46.  Not stoked about the time–it’s a little sad to think that I ran a half marathon on the same trail last fall at pretty much the same pace, but I’m pleased with my effort!  I finished second female overall.  Goal 1 complete.

Photocredit to Fleet Feet Sports

Goal 2: Make Running Friends
Before and after the run, I surveyed the crowd for potential friends and/or compatible running partners.  I sound so creepy.  Anyway, I met a few people, and I think I’ll try to run with a new group on Saturday morning.  Goal 2 complete.

No picture for this goal.  Instead, I’ll throw in a picture of Ryan and me because he is awesome and came to watch.


I’m glad I went!  What a way to spend a blistering hot Wednesday evening.


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