Weekend Highlights

“I’ll eat more vegetables tomorrow,” I assured Lauren between bites of the Nutella and reddi whip sandwich I made for dinner.  At 11pm.

It’s been a good weekend.  Here are some scenes, in no particular order:

  • Ryan and I went to the Taste of Tippecanoe on Saturday evening, which was a gigantic event that overtook several streets downtown from 6pm-midnight.  Dozens of local restaurants sold food, four stages held musicians/bands, and hundreds of people swarmed the streets.  It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision to go, but a great one.  On our walk over, we speculated if we’d see anyone we knew–Ryan guessed 0 and I guessed 2–but we saw a whopping 8 (?) people that we knew! (or just recognized)

Taste of Tippecanoe

  • I spent too much (but somehow not enough) quality time with the newborn hearing screening protocol and the changes it’s gone through over the past few decades.  We have 10 articles to read for our pediatrics class, but it’s an interesting topic!


  • Ryan and I went with our friends Alicia and Dan to visit another friend in the hospital on Saturday.  She is an absolute trooper and is doing well!  After talking with and spending time with her, the four of us went on a hunt for the hospital nursery to see some cute babies.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see any–but only because we couldn’t find the nursery; I’m sure the babies were still cute.
  • The group run.
  • At church on Sunday morning, our pastor mentioned that the praise band was performing a worship concert at another church on Sunday evening.  Ryan and I have a recently adopted strategy called Let’s go to everything we’re invited to, so naturally we went.  And I take full responsibility for us being 15 minutes late because I was clearly wrong when I told Ryan I knew how to get there.  Anyway, the music was rockin (and so very loud), and the room was filled with Jesus.  BONUS that the church provided ice cream sundaes afterward!


Sunday: 7.5 mile run at 1pm.  8:12ish pace, and it felt good!  Pretty sure my “I like weight training” kick bit the dust..


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