Hooray for Caffeinated Tuesday

Let’s all shout hooray that Tuesday only comes once a week! so busy!

Following a 5:00am workout and a big morning of clinic (we’re starting to take the lead with infant & toddler appointments now), it was time for our counseling class that we share with the SLP students.

Our little Aud Clod went straight to our corner of the room and geared up for a riveting discussion on therapy theories.  By halftime, we needed help.  Our professor gives us a 10-minute break in the middle of class, so Andrea, Bre, and I booked it over to the vending machines to purchase my best friend and yours: Caffeine.


Bre and I stooped so low as to use credit cards because we were out of cash.

Please note that Andrea resisted the pop and bought a candy bar.  She is whooping my butt in LessPopSummer2013.

Lesson learned today: It’s a good idea to put your pre-hole punched course packet into a binder, neatly labeled for the course.  I thought about this good idea after our professor asked us to open our course packets and the 30 other people in my class opened up a binder.  My course packet was still covered in plastic wrap and impossible to open, so I spent an unreasonable amount of time pulling at plastic and considering whether it would be acceptable to use my teeth.  Meanwhile, Andrea fervently took notes next to me.  But then I felt 100% better when I saw that she was just practicing her signature.

Lesson #2 learned today: Do not do a strength workout in the morning if there’s any chance you’ll get cajoled into taking a group fitness strength training class later that evening.  Holy quads.

Remember the 5k last Wednesday?  There is another one tomorrow evening, and this race/run is more pavement and less trail.  If my legs feel okay tomorrow, I might try to do it!


Monday: 30-20-10 Run + abs

am: 60 minute strength circuit outside (hill running + lunges, push ups, squats, tri dips)
pm: Body Sculpt class with Krista and Taylor


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