Farmer’s Market 5k

I ran a second Wednesday night 5k!

If you didn’t read about the previous one last Wednesday, it was HOT and on a lumpy bumpy dirt trail.  The race itself was far from fun and I almost didn’t make it past the finish line, but I was very happy that I ran it.

Fortunately, last night’s weather was much more comfortable (high 70s?), and the race was on pavement.  Actually, it went along the Circular Logic Marathon course!

It started at 6:30pm, and there were so many more people than expected (more people than bib numbers!)

Mile splits (I used my watch splits and the mile markers, so I’m going by the accuracy of the marker placements):
Mile 1: 7:07
Mile 2: 7:20
Mile 3: 7:16
5k: 22:28

I felt pretty comfortable and probably could have pushed it a little more, but that’s okay; I’m pleased with the run.

I ended up 4th female overall out of 60-something females, and the top 3 females were in my age group.  I recognized two of them, as well as several other runners from last week’s race, which was cool.  I think it’s awesome that there are so many little local, inexpensive 5ks around, and I love getting to know the running community!


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