Group Run Numba 2 and Oz

Group long run again today!  There were 5 of us, and we covered 10  miles together.  It was HU-MID, and I didn’t bring any water.

My stubborn self does not like to carry water on runs and will do anything and everything possible to avoid the sloshing, slopping feeling of a water belt or bottle.
Strategies used to avoid carrying water (not advised):

  1. Circle around and around a “home base”
  2. Plan the run around a water fountain
  3. Thank my dad profusely when he offers to carry water for both of us
  4. Be thirsty

I chose #4 today and left a big water bottle in my car.  Anyway, the run pace was about 8:18, and I felt strong for all except the last half mile.

Some group runners went back out for 5 more (or 10 more!), but I stopped after our 10 mile loop and ran a few cooldown miles by myself after I got back to my apartment.  My cooldown traced along the river, and the path was pretty muddy in some spots and under water in other spots.  There was a terrifying 20-foot stretch where I slid down a muddy incline in an upright position–kind of like surfing on mud!  Somehow I managed not to faceplant into mud

Today’s total: 13.5 miles

Non-Running section:

Last night Ryan and I went to a free on-campus showing of Oz the Great and Powerful.  Earlier this year, we went to a free showing of The Perks of Being a Wallflower with Andrea and Alex, and the theatre was packed to max capacity, so I figured this movie would be the same.  Wrong.  There weren’t very many of us–there were like 15 of us–but we got to sit wherever we wanted!

The movie was okay but a little slow, and Ryan and I took turns asking each other if we were ready to go.  We ended up staying for the whole movie and agreed that the ending was the best part.  I’m glad we went, but I won’t be renting that one.

But more importantly, there was good company (Ryan) …and a good sandwich before the movie.  Potbelly’s Mediterranean sandwich is maybe the best sandwich ever.  I explained to Ryan that I seem to have developed a craving for this sandwich that is only satisfied by eating it…and it starts again immediately after I finish it.

Potbelly’s menu lists the calorie content next to each sandwich, and Ryan’s strategy is to get the highest calorie sandwich because it’s the best value.  This is a great approach if you are very active, very tall, and an economist!


Thursday: 5.5ish miles, easy @ 6pm

Friday: Circuit workout outside (1 hour):
5 x (run up hill, push ups + lunges, run down hill, squats + tri dips)

Saturday: 13.5 miles

Best sandwich ever?

Water strategy?


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