Pool Run

Ryan and I went pool running yesterday!

Pool running is a staple in my injury workout routine, and in the past it has kept me in good enough shape for a smooth transition back to land.  I’ll replace all or most of my runs with interval-based pool workouts, heal up, and then return to being a full-fledged land runner.  Really though, I think I should incorporate the occasional water running session into my normal training because it’s zero impact and a cardiovascular monster.  If you push yourself hard enough, it’s brutal and awesome.

If you’re new to pool running, this is the best pool running resource I’ve found.  It covers the basics and provides a 9 week water running schedule with intense workouts.

Per Ryan’s suggestion, we hit Purdue’s Aquatic Center after church on Sunday for his introduction to pool running.  We didn’t see David Boudia, but we pool ran under his diving board!

Ryan and I snatched two water belts and got to work:

Pool Running Workout:
5 minutes easy running
3 x (5 x 1:30 hard + :30 easy) with 2 easy minutes between the 3 sets
5 x :30 hard hard
5 minutes easy running

It was challenging!  Ryan and I hovered around opposite ends of the same lane and gave the occasional thumbs up during a recovery minute; I had on my game face and was huffing and puffing all over my end.

Pool running is kind of like a spinning class in that you get out of it what you put into it.  You’re the only one who knows how much resistance is on your bike or how hard you’re pushing your legs, so you can make it as challenging or as effortless as you want.  Ryan and I were both exhausted after the 40ish minute interval workout, and we agreed that pool running is underrated and should totally be part of every athlete’s workout regimen.

I don’t have any pictures from our water run fun, but I do have a picture of the legendary pinterest-inspired sandwiches we made later that day.  Broccoli ham grilled cheese.  Or “grown up grilled cheese,” according to Ryan.

Ohh yeah.

And here’s the strawberry shortcake Andrea made for our pediatric audiology class:

The class is four hours long and our professor loves sweets, so Andrea, Bre, Lauren, and I take turns bringing in treats.  We had the same professor for medical audiology in the spring semester, so this dessert tradition began in January.

Somehow I’ve lucked out and haven’t actually baked anything (I hate baking)–once I was home the weekend before and my mom made the cookies, once Ryan made the cookies (while hopping on ONE LEG because he was in a leg brace prepping for ACL surgery. I can’t believe I accepted the offer..), and class must have been cancelled the other times.

My turn is next week, so I’m already thinking about which box mix will taste the most homemade.

ALSO: Congrats to my dad on completing a Half Ironman in Syracuse yesterday!  And with a kick-butt time!

Favorite olympic sport to watch?
Funfetti? or yellow cake with chocolate frosting?


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