Fueling my Potbelly sandwich obsession

Awesome early run this morning!  I had been skipping the 5:00am run by convincing myself that I’ll work out in the evening, which is a choice I regret every evening.  I’m definitely a morning runner; if it doesn’t happen before I take a shower, it probably won’t happen (or it will be super lame).

So 5:00am it is.

I actually woke up wanting to run, which was kind of weird; I blame the mental prep I did last night.  I went about 7 miles, with 5 miles or so at a 7:50ish tempo pace.  It was so humid that I couldn’t tell if it was sprinkling outside or if it was just sweat flinging from my face.  Either way, great run!

After the run and a full day of clinic, class, and work, the best part of the day happened: I walked home with Ryan, who suggested we go to Potbelly for dinner!  Excellent idea!


He is totally supporting my infatuation with this Mediterranean magic.  Seriously the best sandwich ever.

My legs were toast after this morning’s run and the strength workout I did yesterday afternoon, so I spent the rest of the evening reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (borrowed from Lauren) and watching Breakout with Ryan.  This time they escaped through the vent.

Here’s a park pic, just for fun.  I believe this was pre-“bug flew in my eye and fluttered around for a very long time”

Morning or evening running?
Orange juice, apple juice, or lemonade?


3 thoughts on “Fueling my Potbelly sandwich obsession

  1. Dear Karen, I LOVE the Mediterranean sandwich from potbelly and The Fault In Our Stars! I hope you have your tissues at the ready when reading though. In fact, you’ll probably get a great ab workout in from all the sobbing!

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