Unrepresentative Bookshelves

Happy Friday!

After eating breakfast and catching up on some work, I took my workout to the park.


I didn’t want to straight-up run because I’m running long tomorrow, so I went 4 miles and did this set between each mile: 2 x (10 walking lunges/leg + 30 squats).  My legs were on fire!

There were a few other walkers, runners, and basketball players at the park, as well as a double-seated-side-by-side recumbent bicycle with a red & white striped umbrella on top!  I would love to be confident enough to not feel awkward squatting up and down while people walk by, but that just isn’t happening.  At least the fancy umbrella bike honked its horn and wished me a good day.

After the run/leg work, I successfully talked myself out of arms & abs and drove to the grocery store instead, just for this:


I’m putting together a bag o’ fun for one of my friends who is recovering from surgery, and I’ve realized that 90% of the books on my bookshelf are about:

  1. running
  2. psychology or happiness
  3. autism
  4. The Holocaust

How did that happen?  How do I have so many books about The Holocaust?  I promise I have a larger variety of books at my parents’ house.

Here is what I was able to scrounge up.  Note that 2 are still about The Holocaust.  And 1 is about happiness.

Have you ever played Spot It?
What subject(s) dominates your bookshelf?



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