Saturday!  Long run day!

Thanks to going to bed before 9:30pm last night and falling asleep immediately, my 5:00am wakeup call was no big deal!  It was still light out when I went to bed, but totally worth it to get up not feeling like a zombie.

I ran with the Saturday run group this morning for the third time, and the four of us covered 10 miles at an 8:30ish pace, and then I tacked on a 3-miles cooldown.  It was a nice morning for a run–not nearly as hot and humid as it’s been, so I left my hydration belt in the car.  My legs felt good for the whole run, including my nagging left butt/hamstring (even with hills!).

After the run, I hopped right in the shower and got ready for a canoe trip with Ryan and our friends Dan & Alicia.  The sky looked a little dreary and the weatherman called for showers later in the day, but we decided to chance it.

It started raining on our way there.

Here’s Ryan and I wishing the rain away in the parking lot.

Along with Ryan & me and Dan & Alicia (+ their energetic dog Penn), a family of 4 boarded for the 2-hour trip. We all bonded over not losing a canoe on the extra bumpy drive to the put-in (was our driver even 16?)

It rained (poured) a fair amount of the trip, but we had a blast!  Well except for Penn, who nervously paced and whimpered on Dan & Alicia’s canoe, and the little girl in the family of 4 who was clearly terrified.

Alicia and Dan’s canoe flipped maybe 5 minutes into the trip, thanks to Penn moving around and tree branches in the water.  It was a crazy few minutes.  Alicia clung to a tree limb for dear life amidst a racing current while everyone else chased their belongings..and Penn.  Ryan, Dan, Alicia, and the dad from the family were all in the water.  It was very exciting.

Us after the flip escapade.  Miss Safety is wearing her life jacket.

Two hours later and covered in creek water, rain, mud, and bug bites, we finished!  Our canoe, Alicia & Dan’s canoe, and the family’s canoe all safely returned, and the only casualty was the set of towels that were lost during The Great Flip.

Round of applause to Ryan for being an excellent canoe partner, singing Pocahontas with me, and doing 98% of the work.

Summer: hot coffee, iced coffee, or no coffee?
What’s the earliest acceptable bedtime?


2 thoughts on “Canoeing

  1. Glad the relationship survived the canoe trip, I thought that had disaster written all over it.
    I vote for no coffee, but will place a vote for ice tea.
    And, does falling asleep on the family room floor count as going to bed? If so, then I think anytime after 8pm is acceptable.
    Can’t wait to see you in a few days. 🙂

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