Mediterranean Smackdown

This post is dedicated to Mediterranean sandwiches.  Three Meds, three days.  Let’s recap and crown a winner.

The competitors:

Saturday: Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich from Olive House, the most authentic Mediterranean fare of the three.
Sunday: The Med from Noodles & Co.  In a pita.
Monday: Mediterranean Sandwich with added chicken from Potbelly.  My current obsession.

Best flavor: Noodles & Co.  There were more veggies in this than Olive House, and the veggies seemed fresher than Potbelly’s.
Best bread: This is tough.  I love warm pita that is slightly chewy, so Noodles & Co takes the point.  Potbelly is a close second with the crispy whole grain roll.
Best texture: Potbelly by far.  Potbelly has a dense sandwich, and I like the crunchy crust paired with the humus.
Best looking: Olive House was the most aesthetically pleasing.
The healthiest: I suppose this depends what you’re looking at.  Noodles & Co was the lightest, but Olive House’s was probably the freshest and had more heart-healthy oil.
Other considerations: Olive House’s came with fries, Noodles & Co came with soup or salad, and Potbelly’s came alone.  Noodles & Co also has the fancy pop machine with one million choices, and we all know how I feel about pop.

The winner: Potbelly!  The texture category must be weighted.

Shout out to Ryan because he suggested we go to Potbelly for Monday Night Date Night.  Also known as our last date before we become a long-distance couple.  This is very sad, but 3 hours isn’t the worst it could be.

Speaking of Ryan and food, a few nights ago we pooled together both of our pantries and refrigerators to create a smorgasbord of our meager remains.  Maybe not so meager.


Somehow we both ended up choosing only Ryan’s food except 2 eggs and mozzarella cheese…

Apartment update: still a work in progress but feeling more like home

Monday: run/strength circuit at the park (4 miles total with lunges, push ups, squats, and tri dips thrown in)
Tuesday: 7 miles tempo— with 4mi @ 7:30 pace.

Happy Tuesday!


Move-In Day

Greetings from my new apartment!  Actually, greetings from Purdue’s campus because my internet isn’t installed yet.

This weekend was busy busy busy.

I ran 10 miles with the running group early Saturday morning, and the 6 of us enjoyed the unseasonably cool weather.  My legs felt great for the entire run, and our pace hovered around 8:10-8:20.  I dropped out after 10 miles, but the rest of the gang continued for another 8 (yuck!) because they’re marathon training.  I haven’t committed to any fall races, so I’m only running double digits for the fun of running with other people and to keep a solid marathon/half marathon base.

After the run, I changed into dry clothes and immediately dove into move-out mode.  This means that I shoved everything I own into garbage bags, clothes baskets, boxes, and crates without any semblance of order.  I worked like a fiend and got a decent amount of gathering done before I had a paper-signing appointment at 11:00am.  We ironed out the final details of my new place, my parents arrived with a vanful of furniture, and we began the move-in process.

And pretty soon it was time for lunch!  Ryan’s parents drove up for the day to get his furniture because he’ll be leaving Purdue and starting a second masters program in the fall, so  the six of us (Ryan & his parents + me & my parents) got lunch at a local Mediterranean restaurant.  We chatted, ate delicious food (I got a Mediterranean chicken sandwich), and decided whether or not we liked the grape leaves that kind of tasted like pickles.

The rest of the day was consumed by moving heavy furniture and poorly packed containers, and I owe a very very enormous thank you to my dad, my mom, and Ryan!  Team Man transported the heavy loads and put together my new furniture, and Team Woman carted the smaller stuff, cleaned, and did laundry (now I have a washer/dryer in my apartment, so I saved up my dirty laundry for the occasion).

It was a long, exhausting, and productive day.  Highlights included:

  • Passing Mr. Pine’s Purple House about eight times.
  • Remembering the members of the Spice Girls: Scary Spice, Baby Spice, Posh, and …Oregano?
  • Discussing our personal pecking order re: fruits & veggies
  • Sleepy 11pm trip to Walmart to get a shower curtain liner–and a cart filled with other items that I thought were necessary to buy at the time.  Like a roll of foil.

My parents stayed on Saturday night, and we spent Sunday with a workout (my dad and I did a run+strength circuit on our old marathon stomping grounds), church, lunch (I got The Med at Noodles & Co. I must really have a thing for Mediterranean sandwiches; maybe I’ll go to Potbelly tomorrow because I don’t have any groceries), and tying up a few odds & ends.

Team Man cut dowels for my windows after we discussed the pros & cons of retention rods, a “Please go away” sign, and hiring body-guard(s).  Safety first!

Anyway, everything is moved in, and the contents of my apartment are slowly finding a home.

No picture to post, but [here] is where I would put a picture I took of the pizza last night because it came with Tootsie Rolls.  My camera is back at my apartment, but I have no internet there.  Logistics are rough.

Have a good week!

Still sore hamstrings and early mornings

Happy Happy Friday!

News on the workout front: My hamstrings are still sore from Monday’s (!!) workout.  This is a bit ridiculous, but no worries, my stubborn self ran through the soreness!
Wednesday: 6 mile waddle
Thursday: 7.5 miles (averaged 8:15 pace & felt great)
Friday: 7.5 miles tempo (middle 3 miles @ 7:40, 7:22, 7:35 pace)

All of my runs this week have been at 5:30am.  Andrea and Lauren are off having fun in New Jersey/New York at hearing aid camp, so I’m covering some of Andrea’s hours (and she gets to cover some of mine when I go to hearing aid camp next week!) and early workouts are the best way to fit them in.  But really, as long as I go to bed at 9pm, I don’t mind waking up at 5am in the summer.

Good parts about running at 5:30am: The weather is as cool as it’s going to get.  Feeling accomplished by 7am.  Not needing to fit in a workout after class/work.  Walking more during the day because I’m not trying to “save energy for my workout later” (dumbest excuse in the world but I still use it).  Showering once a day.  No sunscreen.  Pretty sunrise!

Bad parts about running at 5:30am: Waking up.  Stretching extra because my muscles are stiff.  It’s too dark to run on trails.  Not hanging out with Ryan more since I go to bed so early.  No time for post-run stretching or abs.

I’m sure I could fit in 5 minutes of post-run stretching, but my mornings are planned to the minute.

My morning routine this week:
5a: wake up
5-5:10a: check my email/facebook/pinterest/blogs to make sure the world didn’t explode overnight (definitely important)
5:10-5:20a: find running clothes that aren’t sweaty from yesterday and change
5:20-5:21a: walk to the living room.  stare daggers at my foam roller
5:21-5:35a: stretch, foam roll, tie my shoes
5:35-6:45a: run
6:45-6:48a: put oatmeal in the microwave, make coffee
6:48-7:00a: shower
7:00-7:29: get ready, inhale oatmeal, quickly drink cup of coffee, put the rest of the coffee pot in a tumbler
7:29-7:30: dart out the door just as the bus rolls in

Other fun news:

  • I fit a 7-month old baby with hearing aids this week!!  This is a really important and emotional appointment for parents–the mom video recorded the part of the session when we turned her baby’s hearing aids on.  The baby paused and looked up suddenly and then went back to squirming.  It was cute.
  • I’m moving apartments this weekend, and I am so excited to decorate.  Hello DIY Pinterest!

This picture is dedicated to Bre because she appreciates that I don’t use ziplocks as socially appropriate–why waste a ziplock when Kroger already sold you one?
 am also using a page from class notes as a paper plate.

Sore hamstrings and cereal

My hamstrings are so sore.  It was pouring early Monday morning, so I swapped my run for  an inside workout: 3 x (5 min AMT, leg work with weights, arm work with weights).  The entire routine took about an hour–No heart pounding cardio but, but I really worked my muscles, and my legs felt like burnt toast afterward.  I made sure to include single-leg deadlifts and hamstring ball curls for my terribly weak hamstrings.

My muscles felt fine all day yesterday, but then…

I did 30-20-10 speedwork this morning before the sun came up, and my hamstrings have been bawling all afternoon and evening from the combination of delayed onset muscle soreness and hard running.  What a bad idea to do them back-to-back!

Tomorrow will be an easy run.

I’m moving apartments this weekend, so I’m trying to get through the food that I have left.  I finished my Reddi-Whip today and will try to pretend that there weren’t 61 servings in the container.  Yesterday I brought cereal and a tiny plastic container of milk to school for lunch.  Food is getting pretty lazy around here..



Friend Weekend at the Beach

This weekend I got to see some of my best friends from my undergrad in Michigan.  YAY FRIENDS!

We spent Saturday afternoon at the beach in Holland, Michigan, which is one of the nicest beaches I have ever been to…it was seriously so clean.  I am usually leery and grossed out by open water–who knows what lurks around in there–but I went in, and the lake was un–icky!  No seaweed wrapped itself around my toes, and no fish touched me, so it was all good.  After getting adequately sunburnt, we got ice cream and headed back to Danielle & Sam’s for the night.

Half of us with our post-beach ice cream.

We ordered pizza and played games.  We are game players.  Competitive, competitive game players, and our specialities are games with interaction, logic, and sneakiness.  Like Mafia.  And Fishbowl. In undergrad, we played a game called Fishbowl almost weekly.  Fishbowl is a combination of catch phrase, password, & charades, and the players make up the words to use in the game, so you can use inside jokes or obscure things that everyone knows.  We played Fishbowl twice (my team won both rounds, but who is counting?) and Mafia a bunch of times.

We also talked and talked and talked because we hadn’t seen each other in almost a year and had 12 months of life to catch up on.  I stayed up later that I have stayed up in a long time, and I ate more chex mix than I care to admit.  Such a fun weekend!

Now let’s catch up on running.

Friday– Run/strength circuit— 4 miles with 3 x (4 x 10 walking lunges/leg + 15 squats); and a super lame ab routine
Saturday– 10 miles with the group.  It was very humid out, so I wore my hydration belt for the first time in over a year, I think.  I don’t like to wear it because it feels heavy & sloshy, and the water spills on me, but I got used to it pretty quickly.  Plus, I’m not sure if I would have survived that run with no water.  There were 3 of us, and we averaged an 8:20ish pace for the hilly course.
Sunday– Rest Day.  I drove back from Michigan

Portable water fountains

Two awesome things happened on my run today:

  1. My achilles felt fine.
  2. I passed a temporary water fountain at the halfway point!  There must be some sort of giant program happening on campus right now because there seems to be hundreds of young people walking around in tie-dyed shirts.  Because of the oven-like status outside, Purdue was nice enough to install several portable water fountains supplied by hoses, and one just so happened to be at the very end of my out-and-back course.  It looked similar to this:

What a genius idea!  Where were these at band camp 2007?

Speaking of portable things you wish were on every running course, here’s an article on Runner’s World about potential portable lockers at road races.

I went 6.5ish miles at an easy pace, and it was by far the most relaxing part of my day.  Afterward, I jumped into a whirlwind clinic that started with a late patient and domino-ed into a very crazy morning.  On the plus side, I learned a lot and practiced being flexible!  I left my files a mess in favor of inhaling lunch before class, so I stayed at school until the evening to work on clinic paperwork.

To celebrate this monster of a day, I treated myself to Potbelly for a Mediterranean with chicken, aka the best sandwich ever.  Unfortunately, my best Potbelly partner wasn’t able to join me for the occasion, but here’s a picture of our time at Potbelly last week (because Potbelly has become a weekly thing):
We both got the Mediterranean with chicken that day.

Another AMT and Color Run Flashback

Good news: Both achilles tendons feel completely normal!

This evening was another local 5k race, but I opted not to go.  I wanted to baby my achilles for another day, and it was over 90 degrees out.  Yikes!  I’m glad I had the achilles excuse to avoid the heat.

Instead of running, I AMT-ed at the rec center this evening.

The workout: one million x 1:30 hard (long strides) + 1:00 easy

I didn’t keep track of exactly how many 1:30 segments I did, but the workout lasted an hour, including a 5-minute warm up & cool down and several breaks in the middle.  Hard workout!  1:30 is short enough to really push it, but long enough to really hate it.  I finished off with 10 minutes of ab work and a giant pat on the back.

While I was on the AMT, I passed the time by people-watching.  I haven’t updated my ipod in approximately two years, so listening to my Running! and Running 2! playlists is like beating a dead horse and would probably make my workout worse.  Unfortunately, the people didn’t do anything very interesting to report on.

Ryan is really busy with school and working on his thesis right now, so we’ve loosely reserved 7pm-8pm as our daily hangout time.  The short hour was enjoyed today with 7 frozen cookies and a few rounds of Tonto.

I set my alarm for 5:00 to run tomorrow morning before clinic.  Not excited to wake up but extra excited to hit the pavement after four days off!

Since I have zero pictures from today, here is a picture from this time last year, when Laura and I were getting ready for the Color Run in Columbus, Ohio.  I believe this picture was taken after we gave my camera to the person in front of us and said, “Hi, will you take our picture?  We’ll pretend like we’re running.”

Tent camping or cabin camping?
What’s one CD you’ve listened to more than any other CD?