Too much Funfetti. Never enough Funfetti.

Every mosquito in town joined in on my workout this morning.  I am seriously considering using bug spray every time I leave my apartment.

Lately I’ve been doing “speedwork” on Monday, but I decided to switch it up and do some strength today.
I ran a mile and then did this circuit 4 times:
3 x (5 burpees, 10 walking lunges*/leg, 15 push ups + 5 squat jumps, 10 squats, 15 tri dips) + 3 minute run
*I pulsed for 2 counts on the walking lunges

The workout is easy to remember if you think of it as 5, 10, 15.  It took about an hour (and a dozen mosquito bites) to complete, and my legs were pooped.  My legs were a bit tired to start with, so they were screaming by the end.  I blame the tiredness on yesterday–Ryan and I pool ran again (Sunday round 2! It was just as awesome as round 1), and I really pushed it.  If I had an empty pool and a water belt at my disposal whenever, I would pool run all the time.  Better yet, a deep-water lazy river around my apartment.  Better yet, a deep-water lazy river TRAIL SYSTEM.  Then everybody would pool run!

Switching the conversation to cake, today was my turn to make a sugary snack for our four-hour class today.  I teamed up with my favorite box mix:


And it was a hit!  Our class wiped out the majority of the cake in class, and then I attacked it again after dinner until I reached sugar-coma status.  And then I got over it and had more cake.  I am currently in the “I hate sugar” phase of this cycle, but I am pretty sure I’ll have more cake for breakfast.

Here’s the pre-devoured cake, hiding behind three cans of Coke Zero.IMAG0374

Ryan got free pop at school today (and he doesn’t drink pop), so he picked up three and surprised me with them at school!  It was extremely thoughtful and very exciting.

Another exciting thing that Ryan and I did today:

We made froyo-on-a-knife pops!  Actually, only he ate his off a knife; I licked mine out of the container.  I found this idea on Pinterest (though she used popsicle sticks as handles), and it worked surprisingly well!  The consistency was good–icy but not rock-solid, even after being in the freezer since the middle of May.  They still tasted like yogurt, which was the worst part, but I would do it again.

This week is a short week, and it also marks the halfway point of the summer semester!  Happy July!

Frostingless cake or a spoonful of frosting? Tough, but frosting.
Birthday treat of choice?
Watermelon but then boxed cake & ice cream.
Least favorite but necessary strength training move?


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