Liberty 10k

Our 4th of July started with a father-daughter 10k & 5k!


Me, Dad, & Laura post-race

We all packed our running gear without really planning on racing.  Laura hadn’t run at all since her last 5k in the beginning of June (a week after this one), my dad wasn’t fully recovered yet from the half ironman he completed a week and a half ago, and I had no excuse except that I wasn’t feeling it.  But with a little push from our favorite mantra “it’s not a race; it’s a tempo,” we gave it a whirl!

It was pouring when we woke up, pouring when we drove over, and pouring as we waited at the starting line with the other crazy and soggy people.  The temperature was a little warm with high humidity, but the rain slowed to a sprinkle as soon as the race gun (an actual shotgun!) went off.

I felt pretty good for the majority of the race (er, tempo) and was able to stay with a pack.  The first few miles were rolling hills, but the last half mile or so was completely downhill.  My legs felt surprisingly good up until the last mile, when I got crazy legs and my right foot started making its weird circles.  Dad and Laura finished before me (Dad ran the 10k and Laura ran the 5k) and cheered me on at the end!

My splits:
Mile 1: 7:22
Mile 2: 7:29
Mile 3: 7:43
Mile 4: 7:53
Mile 5: 7:40
Mile 6: 7:29
[I don’t have the time for Mile 0.2]
Total time: 47:01
Pace: 7:35/mile

*The last time I ran this race was in 2010, and my time was 49:56 (almost 3 minutes slower!).  It’s so cool to see improvement.

I ended up 5th overall female and 1st in my age group (the winner was also in my age group, but she couldn’t get the age group award since she won).  My dad got 7th overall and won his age group, and Laura ran the whole thing after not running at all for almost a month!

Did I mention this race had watermelon as a post race treat?  It was a fun run, despite the rain, and I’m glad we decided to do it!


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