4th of July fun

I drove home Tuesday night, and my family hit the road early Wednesday morning to spend the holiday in Erie, Pennsylvania.  Family fun, food, cards, and running!


My dad and I got up extra early to fit in a workout before the drive–I ran a 7 mile tempo(ish), and he swam.

[He ate two brats for breakfast.  It takes a special stomach to handle two hotdogs before 8am.  Please note that the cooler he is holding doubles as his lunchbox for work.]

As we loaded up the car, Laura and I made sure to pack our Tripoly money–my sad little pile and Laura’s loaded bag.  Miss Moneybags always wins Tripoly; I think it’s because she’s a CPA (but not really because the game is 90% luck).  Tripoly is a mixture of Hearts, Poker, and Michigan Rummy that we play at every family gathering, and each person in my family, including my brother’s friends who are like extra brothers, has a pile of nickels specifically designated for Tripoly.


With our car weighed down by Laura’s portable bank, we were off!  I spent the next 6 hours listening to car jams and reading an entire novel.

Wednesday Fun in Erie:

  • Antique shopping with my mom, sister, and aunt
  • My parents, Laura, Grandma & Joe, and I ate at our go-to dinner location, Barbato’s Pizza.  We got way to much food for the six of us to share.  Salad, bread, garlic bread, two pizzas, pepperoni balls, and a sub.  Veggie count: iceberg lettuce and the tomato on the sub.  Carb count: Yes.
  • My parents, Laura, and I went to an Erie Seawolves baseball game after dinner.  My thoughts on baseball games: I love baseball, but would love it even more if all games were 5 innings.  Fortunately, we had awesome seats in the third row right behind the catcher, so being patient was a little easier.  It started raining in the 6th inning, so my mom and I ran for cover while Laura and Dad toughed it out for a little longer.  The game was rained out soon after.



Here’s a bonus picture with an A+ photobomb:



  • My dad and I started the day with a circuit workout together at the neighborhood park (when my grandma asked Laura where we were, Laura answered, “They went to the playground”):
    20 walking lunges/leg
    20 push ups
    20 surfer squats
    20 tri dips
    0.5 mile run 
    [Complete 5 rounds]

    It was a good, hard workout.  I was happy to finally introduce PowerAthleteManDad to the circuit style workouts I like to do twice a week.  Two days later, I asked him what he thought:
    “It exposed my weaknesses, especially the lunges.”
    “Definitely something I’ll incorporate into my routine.”
    “Painful, even after 2 days.  Not sure I’ll ever run again.”
    “I thought I was in shape.”
    “Karen’s playground routine is a little different from 15 years ago.”
    “Playground time just isn’t what it used to be.”

Though the trip was quick, it’s been nice having a weekend at home to recover and get things done before heading back to school.  Plus, we missed Greg!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July weekend!



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