Wow!  What a crazy, fun, and exhausting weekend with 30 awesome people!  I brought Ryan along to spend the last few days at a cabin/lodge in the wilderness of Ohio with the extended family on my dad’s side.  From my dad and his four sisters, there are 14 cousins, and this was the first  time in a long time that we’ve all been at the same place at the same time.
Actually, we were only in that situation for one hour because Lance arrived at 11:00am on Saturday, and Nicole had to leave at noon.  We spent the majority of the overlapped hour smiling for a photo shoot on the porch.


Some memories from the trip:

  • My family is very athletic, so we got our workouts in.  I ran with my cousin Aly on Friday afternoon (6 miles) and Saturday morning (7 miles), and we really pushed the pace.  We must have kept under 7:30 pace on Friday, and it was tough!  Aly is 12 years old and an amazing runner.
  • Almost all of us went on a ziplining canopy tour on Friday afternoon.  We flew from tree to tree across 11 ziplines and a few challenge courses in the air.  The instructor stayed with us for the first zipline and then left us on our own, which was cool.  We hit up an ice cream shop right after to sample their 24 different flavors (my strawberry was disappointing).
  • Very pretty trails with large rocks, caves, bridges, and waterfalls!
  • Family whiffle ball game on Saturday night.  Let’s not talk about how many times I struck out because it was every time except once.
  • My dad’s favorite card game is called Tonto, and he loves to teach it to everyone who has even the slightest interest in playing a game.  My cousins love it and call it by its unofficial title of Uncle Lenny’s Game, so we put together an elimination-style Tonto game and opened up 8 spots for the Tonto Championship Game held on Saturday night at 9:15pm, Eastern Standard Time.  Throughout the trip, the kitchen table housed a deck of cards and a circle of fierce competition.  Sadly, I never scored a chair for the Championship Game, though I played hard.  I need to talk to the Tonto committee in regards to planning next year’s tournament to submit a request to be notified before each qualifying game begins.
  • Friday night fireside chat–all 2 hours of it, starting with The Wave.
  • Delicious food.  We had ham the first night, and I included leftover ham in every meal that followed.  I am not even kidding when I say that I single-handedly polished off a small pig.

DSCN0863 DSCN1015 DSCN1050DSCN0876DSCN0908

This was the first annual reunion of its kind, but I think we’re planning to come back next year!


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