Almost achilles

After any vacation, coming back to real life is pretty brutal, and this time was no exception. Ryan and I got back at around 5:00pm on Sunday night after a 3-hour drive from the lodge to my house and another 3-hour drive from my house to my apartment.  Big thanks to Ryan for driving the entire trip!  When we got back, I uploaded pictures and dragged my zombie butt to the grocery store before crashing into almost 12 hours of the best sleep of my life.

Sunday was a rest day from working out, but let’s catch up with my fitness self.

The good news: I had 2 speedy mid-distance runs with my cousin Aly this weekend, and they were awesome–both the running and the chatting.

The bad news: I faithfully foam roll my calves and stretch my glutes before each run…but only when I’m at home with my foam roller handy.  I didn’t stretch or roll at all this weekend, and my right achilles feels almost twingy from doing extra work from my tight calves.  It doesn’t hurt, but I think it’s pre-hurt.  Like it would turn ugly if I ran hard.

I ran a tiny bit on Monday, intermixed in an hour workout with lunges, push ups, squats, and tri dips around a cute little pond path at a nearby park.  The right achilles was glad I didn’t go any further.

Today I saved my workout for 6pm and started with a super sweaty 45 minutes on the AMT.  The room was hot to begin with, so I became a sweat-flinger pretty quickly (luckily, no one was next to me).
I stayed on level 10 the whole time for this workout: 5 min easy, 7 x (4min hard + 1  min easy), 5 min easy
It was kind of like doing half-mile repeats.
I finished off the workout with 10 minutes of arms, 1 minute of abs (then I gave up), and about 30 hamstring curls on a stability ball.  A little random, but hey.

I hope to run again on Thursday if my achilles is feeling 100%.

No pictures to match this post, so here’s a picture showcasing the 24 flavors of ice cream available at a place from last weekend…just because ice cream sounds wonderful right now.


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