Another AMT and Color Run Flashback

Good news: Both achilles tendons feel completely normal!

This evening was another local 5k race, but I opted not to go.  I wanted to baby my achilles for another day, and it was over 90 degrees out.  Yikes!  I’m glad I had the achilles excuse to avoid the heat.

Instead of running, I AMT-ed at the rec center this evening.

The workout: one million x 1:30 hard (long strides) + 1:00 easy

I didn’t keep track of exactly how many 1:30 segments I did, but the workout lasted an hour, including a 5-minute warm up & cool down and several breaks in the middle.  Hard workout!  1:30 is short enough to really push it, but long enough to really hate it.  I finished off with 10 minutes of ab work and a giant pat on the back.

While I was on the AMT, I passed the time by people-watching.  I haven’t updated my ipod in approximately two years, so listening to my Running! and Running 2! playlists is like beating a dead horse and would probably make my workout worse.  Unfortunately, the people didn’t do anything very interesting to report on.

Ryan is really busy with school and working on his thesis right now, so we’ve loosely reserved 7pm-8pm as our daily hangout time.  The short hour was enjoyed today with 7 frozen cookies and a few rounds of Tonto.

I set my alarm for 5:00 to run tomorrow morning before clinic.  Not excited to wake up but extra excited to hit the pavement after four days off!

Since I have zero pictures from today, here is a picture from this time last year, when Laura and I were getting ready for the Color Run in Columbus, Ohio.  I believe this picture was taken after we gave my camera to the person in front of us and said, “Hi, will you take our picture?  We’ll pretend like we’re running.”

Tent camping or cabin camping?
What’s one CD you’ve listened to more than any other CD?


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