Portable water fountains

Two awesome things happened on my run today:

  1. My achilles felt fine.
  2. I passed a temporary water fountain at the halfway point!  There must be some sort of giant program happening on campus right now because there seems to be hundreds of young people walking around in tie-dyed shirts.  Because of the oven-like status outside, Purdue was nice enough to install several portable water fountains supplied by hoses, and one just so happened to be at the very end of my out-and-back course.  It looked similar to this:

What a genius idea!  Where were these at band camp 2007?

Speaking of portable things you wish were on every running course, here’s an article on Runner’s World about potential portable lockers at road races.

I went 6.5ish miles at an easy pace, and it was by far the most relaxing part of my day.  Afterward, I jumped into a whirlwind clinic that started with a late patient and domino-ed into a very crazy morning.  On the plus side, I learned a lot and practiced being flexible!  I left my files a mess in favor of inhaling lunch before class, so I stayed at school until the evening to work on clinic paperwork.

To celebrate this monster of a day, I treated myself to Potbelly for a Mediterranean with chicken, aka the best sandwich ever.  Unfortunately, my best Potbelly partner wasn’t able to join me for the occasion, but here’s a picture of our time at Potbelly last week (because Potbelly has become a weekly thing):
We both got the Mediterranean with chicken that day.


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