Sore hamstrings and cereal

My hamstrings are so sore.  It was pouring early Monday morning, so I swapped my run for  an inside workout: 3 x (5 min AMT, leg work with weights, arm work with weights).  The entire routine took about an hour–No heart pounding cardio but, but I really worked my muscles, and my legs felt like burnt toast afterward.  I made sure to include single-leg deadlifts and hamstring ball curls for my terribly weak hamstrings.

My muscles felt fine all day yesterday, but then…

I did 30-20-10 speedwork this morning before the sun came up, and my hamstrings have been bawling all afternoon and evening from the combination of delayed onset muscle soreness and hard running.  What a bad idea to do them back-to-back!

Tomorrow will be an easy run.

I’m moving apartments this weekend, so I’m trying to get through the food that I have left.  I finished my Reddi-Whip today and will try to pretend that there weren’t 61 servings in the container.  Yesterday I brought cereal and a tiny plastic container of milk to school for lunch.  Food is getting pretty lazy around here..




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