Still sore hamstrings and early mornings

Happy Happy Friday!

News on the workout front: My hamstrings are still sore from Monday’s (!!) workout.  This is a bit ridiculous, but no worries, my stubborn self ran through the soreness!
Wednesday: 6 mile waddle
Thursday: 7.5 miles (averaged 8:15 pace & felt great)
Friday: 7.5 miles tempo (middle 3 miles @ 7:40, 7:22, 7:35 pace)

All of my runs this week have been at 5:30am.  Andrea and Lauren are off having fun in New Jersey/New York at hearing aid camp, so I’m covering some of Andrea’s hours (and she gets to cover some of mine when I go to hearing aid camp next week!) and early workouts are the best way to fit them in.  But really, as long as I go to bed at 9pm, I don’t mind waking up at 5am in the summer.

Good parts about running at 5:30am: The weather is as cool as it’s going to get.  Feeling accomplished by 7am.  Not needing to fit in a workout after class/work.  Walking more during the day because I’m not trying to “save energy for my workout later” (dumbest excuse in the world but I still use it).  Showering once a day.  No sunscreen.  Pretty sunrise!

Bad parts about running at 5:30am: Waking up.  Stretching extra because my muscles are stiff.  It’s too dark to run on trails.  Not hanging out with Ryan more since I go to bed so early.  No time for post-run stretching or abs.

I’m sure I could fit in 5 minutes of post-run stretching, but my mornings are planned to the minute.

My morning routine this week:
5a: wake up
5-5:10a: check my email/facebook/pinterest/blogs to make sure the world didn’t explode overnight (definitely important)
5:10-5:20a: find running clothes that aren’t sweaty from yesterday and change
5:20-5:21a: walk to the living room.  stare daggers at my foam roller
5:21-5:35a: stretch, foam roll, tie my shoes
5:35-6:45a: run
6:45-6:48a: put oatmeal in the microwave, make coffee
6:48-7:00a: shower
7:00-7:29: get ready, inhale oatmeal, quickly drink cup of coffee, put the rest of the coffee pot in a tumbler
7:29-7:30: dart out the door just as the bus rolls in

Other fun news:

  • I fit a 7-month old baby with hearing aids this week!!  This is a really important and emotional appointment for parents–the mom video recorded the part of the session when we turned her baby’s hearing aids on.  The baby paused and looked up suddenly and then went back to squirming.  It was cute.
  • I’m moving apartments this weekend, and I am so excited to decorate.  Hello DIY Pinterest!

This picture is dedicated to Bre because she appreciates that I don’t use ziplocks as socially appropriate–why waste a ziplock when Kroger already sold you one?
 am also using a page from class notes as a paper plate.


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