Move-In Day

Greetings from my new apartment!  Actually, greetings from Purdue’s campus because my internet isn’t installed yet.

This weekend was busy busy busy.

I ran 10 miles with the running group early Saturday morning, and the 6 of us enjoyed the unseasonably cool weather.  My legs felt great for the entire run, and our pace hovered around 8:10-8:20.  I dropped out after 10 miles, but the rest of the gang continued for another 8 (yuck!) because they’re marathon training.  I haven’t committed to any fall races, so I’m only running double digits for the fun of running with other people and to keep a solid marathon/half marathon base.

After the run, I changed into dry clothes and immediately dove into move-out mode.  This means that I shoved everything I own into garbage bags, clothes baskets, boxes, and crates without any semblance of order.  I worked like a fiend and got a decent amount of gathering done before I had a paper-signing appointment at 11:00am.  We ironed out the final details of my new place, my parents arrived with a vanful of furniture, and we began the move-in process.

And pretty soon it was time for lunch!  Ryan’s parents drove up for the day to get his furniture because he’ll be leaving Purdue and starting a second masters program in the fall, so  the six of us (Ryan & his parents + me & my parents) got lunch at a local Mediterranean restaurant.  We chatted, ate delicious food (I got a Mediterranean chicken sandwich), and decided whether or not we liked the grape leaves that kind of tasted like pickles.

The rest of the day was consumed by moving heavy furniture and poorly packed containers, and I owe a very very enormous thank you to my dad, my mom, and Ryan!  Team Man transported the heavy loads and put together my new furniture, and Team Woman carted the smaller stuff, cleaned, and did laundry (now I have a washer/dryer in my apartment, so I saved up my dirty laundry for the occasion).

It was a long, exhausting, and productive day.  Highlights included:

  • Passing Mr. Pine’s Purple House about eight times.
  • Remembering the members of the Spice Girls: Scary Spice, Baby Spice, Posh, and …Oregano?
  • Discussing our personal pecking order re: fruits & veggies
  • Sleepy 11pm trip to Walmart to get a shower curtain liner–and a cart filled with other items that I thought were necessary to buy at the time.  Like a roll of foil.

My parents stayed on Saturday night, and we spent Sunday with a workout (my dad and I did a run+strength circuit on our old marathon stomping grounds), church, lunch (I got The Med at Noodles & Co. I must really have a thing for Mediterranean sandwiches; maybe I’ll go to Potbelly tomorrow because I don’t have any groceries), and tying up a few odds & ends.

Team Man cut dowels for my windows after we discussed the pros & cons of retention rods, a “Please go away” sign, and hiring body-guard(s).  Safety first!

Anyway, everything is moved in, and the contents of my apartment are slowly finding a home.

No picture to post, but [here] is where I would put a picture I took of the pizza last night because it came with Tootsie Rolls.  My camera is back at my apartment, but I have no internet there.  Logistics are rough.

Have a good week!


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