Mediterranean Smackdown

This post is dedicated to Mediterranean sandwiches.  Three Meds, three days.  Let’s recap and crown a winner.

The competitors:

Saturday: Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich from Olive House, the most authentic Mediterranean fare of the three.
Sunday: The Med from Noodles & Co.  In a pita.
Monday: Mediterranean Sandwich with added chicken from Potbelly.  My current obsession.

Best flavor: Noodles & Co.  There were more veggies in this than Olive House, and the veggies seemed fresher than Potbelly’s.
Best bread: This is tough.  I love warm pita that is slightly chewy, so Noodles & Co takes the point.  Potbelly is a close second with the crispy whole grain roll.
Best texture: Potbelly by far.  Potbelly has a dense sandwich, and I like the crunchy crust paired with the humus.
Best looking: Olive House was the most aesthetically pleasing.
The healthiest: I suppose this depends what you’re looking at.  Noodles & Co was the lightest, but Olive House’s was probably the freshest and had more heart-healthy oil.
Other considerations: Olive House’s came with fries, Noodles & Co came with soup or salad, and Potbelly’s came alone.  Noodles & Co also has the fancy pop machine with one million choices, and we all know how I feel about pop.

The winner: Potbelly!  The texture category must be weighted.

Shout out to Ryan because he suggested we go to Potbelly for Monday Night Date Night.  Also known as our last date before we become a long-distance couple.  This is very sad, but 3 hours isn’t the worst it could be.

Speaking of Ryan and food, a few nights ago we pooled together both of our pantries and refrigerators to create a smorgasbord of our meager remains.  Maybe not so meager.


Somehow we both ended up choosing only Ryan’s food except 2 eggs and mozzarella cheese…

Apartment update: still a work in progress but feeling more like home

Monday: run/strength circuit at the park (4 miles total with lunges, push ups, squats, and tri dips thrown in)
Tuesday: 7 miles tempo— with 4mi @ 7:30 pace.

Happy Tuesday!


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