O-H-I-O and Happy birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday to my fabulous mom!  38 again, I think.

I drove back to the great state of OHIO just to see her and spent the long weekend with my family.

I assure you that this is a recycled picture and I did not take it while I was driving.mail
Ohio is so friendly; just look at the welcome sign!

I stopped on my way home to get flowers and ice cream for my mom, and it just so happens that my dad also got my mom flowers and ice cream for my mom.  And they were the same flowers and the same kind of ice cream.

Great minds think alike!  Or rather my mom has a very distinct preference for peanut butter ice cream, and my dad & I think that the most colorful flowers are the prettiest.

My brother is also home for the weekend, so the four of us played euchre: Mom & Greg v Dad & Karen.  I think we lost but I can’t really remember because I was so distracted by the simultaneous game of song tag we were playing.  Song tag is where someone starts singing a song and someone else jumps in with a new song as soon as a word overlaps between the two songs.  Like “Amazing grace, how sweet…” “Whoaaaaoo SWEET child o’ mine” and so forth.  That example didn’t actually happen but it’s all I could think of.

Some of my Saturday morning running partners are running a half marathon tomorrow morning!  It’s supposed to be disgustingly humid, but they are tough runners and I’m sure they’ll rock the race.

I’m not racing, so I ran 7 miles this morning: 9:07, 8:23, 7:43, 7:33, 7:37, 7:38, 8:27.  I started before the sun came up and finished before the sun came up, which was kind of weird because I felt like I should go back to bed after the run.  I started to do an ab workout after the run but literally stopped 40 seconds into my first plank because I realized I still had to shower, get ready for school, pack, and load my car in 45 minutes.  Made it!



Boston registration was announced!

Thursdays are awesome…namely because I am done with obligations at noon!

I spent the afternoon reading articles and working on school stuff with the freedom to stand up and stretch whenever I felt like it!  It’s amazing how much easier it is to focus if you get to move around–If I were in charge, there would be a world-wide yoga class every afternoon, and nobody would have to change because athletic clothing would be a widely accepted form of dress for every occasion.  Additionally, the workday would never start before 9:00am for the sake of morning workouts, water fountains would be installed next to every fire hydrant, and vegetables would grow pre-washed and pre-cut.

I started this morning with an easy 7-miler around campus as the sun came up.  My legs appreciated the relaxed pace, but my lungs weren’t as happy–they choked through the thick thick humidity.  I could have used that extra drinking fountain.  After I finished the run, I did a quick round of glute exercises to make myself feel better about skipping out on strength training all week.

Exciting News: Registration dates for the 2014 Boston Marathon were announced today! Registration for the fastest runners (20min BQ cushion) opens on Monday, September 9th, and the other dates can be found here.
The slowfast runners who qualified within 5 minutes (me) can register on Monday, September 16, as long as there is still room!!

On a final note, I thought that the Glee Season 5 premiere was tonight but it’s actually not until September, which was a very sad realization.  I have to wait an entire month until weekly Glee pj parties with Bre start.  There is a Glee rerun (Gleerun?) in a few minutes, so I changed the channel to FOX and The Simpsons was on.  Yuck; If I had to make a list of the dumbest shows ever, The Simpsons would make the list…next to Hillbilly Handfishin’…

Just some running

Whoa quick catch up on this week’s running before I dive into one of twenty-five articles assigned on Monday and Tuesday.  If my running recaps aren’t very run to read (in other words, if you’re not my dad), sorry for the boring post.

Monday: Intervals.  2 mi warm up, 6 x 100m sprint, 4 x 1200m, 2 mi cool down

I was shooting for around 5min per 1200m, but I clocked in at 5:06, 5:08, 5:07, 5:07.  I was happy that the repeats were consistent with each other because usually I get slower.  My legs felt good but my butt was sore toward the end like it normally is.  Bonus that I had the entire track to myself, so I pretended to break a ribbon as I finished each repeat.IMAG0448

Tuesday: Rest day.  Clinic day, busy day, and tight quads & glutes from the speedwork.

Wednesday: Tempo.  I was still feeling the speedwork from Monday, so my first mile was a little painful.  7 miles total and tried to keep 3mi @ 7:30ish pace–9:30, 8:47, 7:44, 7:28, 7:35, 7:19, 8:27.  Quick ab & glute routine afterward.

And I’ll send you off with this beautiful almost-empty peanut butter jar, a surprise gift from Andrea!  The perfect companion to oatmeal.  What a great friend!!


Why am I watching Glee again?

This weekend was a little uneventful from my end.  But I caught up with a few friends/family over the phone, ran, ate meals at strange times, and watched five episodes of Glee.  I hadn’t really watched Glee since freshman year of college–my friends and I watched season 1 together, but then we fizzled out when the show turned weird.

Something possessed me to watch an episode of Season 4 on Saturday, and then I got hooked because I love musicals.  I’m not totally up with the drama, but Season 5 starts on Thursday and I bet I’ll end up watching it…and every week.

I was also mildly domestic this weekend.  I made a dessert for our peds class tomorrow (the class that we take turns bringing treats to): Sweet ‘n Salty Peanut Bars


And a close up of the layers.  Cookie, caramel, peanuts:

It took me a while to find a dessert recipe to make–My requirements: No mixer needed, no refrigeration needed on the final product, and something that I was not likely to ruin (bars are harder to ruin than cookies).

Bre taste tested these and gave me the go-ahead to bring them to class, so hopefully we get through the whole pan tomorrow because Ryan isn’t here to eat the leftovers.

Since the oven was already on, I put in a batch of vegetables (eggplant, carrots, & cherry tomatoes) for experimentation after the cookie thing was finished.  The roasted veggies tasted much better than raw veggies, but they looked a little ugly because the eggplant super stuck to the cookie sheet, so here is the before picture instead of the after picture:


Weekend running recap:

Saturday: 10 miles with the group.  We started at 8:30ish pace but sped up and maintained an 8 minute pace for the majority of the run.  I felt really strong, and the weather was beautifully cool.

Then 3 sets of:
20 staggered push ups <–I like these!
15 hamstring curls on ball
1:00 front plank
15 bodyweight squats
20 v-ups

Sunday: 5 miles with this set between each mile:
20 walking lunges
20 staggered push ups
20 squats
20 tri dips

Happy Friday! and a candy apple

Yes I know it’s August, so I ate some watermelon after this little guy.


I think this is my first ever candy apple!  I love caramel apples, so I bought its candy cousin as a present to myself because they were on sale at Kroger.
Question: Is the candy coating supposed to be hard?  The package said “sweet and crunchy” and the caramel package that said “sweet and chewy,” but the candy on my candy apple was just as chewy as caramel.  Either way, I’m a big fan of apples, peanuts, and candy, so I enjoyed it and its chewiness.

And that was the most exciting part of my day.

I skipped a morning run because I had an early start to the morning with OSHA clinic, but I packed workout clothes and stopped at the rec center on the way home.  The rec center was absolutely packed.  Who invited all of these students back to campus?  I did a short arm workout, a shorter ab workout, and then went looking for an AMT, but every single AMT with blue pedals was taken.  I shouldn’t be so picky, but the yellow-pedaled AMTs have a shorter stride length than the blue-pedaled machines, so I prefer using the blue ones because I feel like I get a better workout (I think the blue ones are the newer version).

I’m sure I could have gotten a good workout on any cardio machine in the building, but instead I opted to go for a short run outside in the 500 degree (maybe 85 degree) weather.  I’m spoiled by being able to run first thing in the morning when it’s relatively cool, so afternoon/early evening running sounds like a scary furnace.  Dozens of runners were out there and not suffering heat stroke, so I figured I would be okay.  It’s cool how motivating it can be to see other runners.

After tomorrow morning’s long run, I’ll evaluate whether it was a good idea or a bad idea to run the evening before…

P.S. Pandora gets an A+ for the night.  My Ingrid Michaelson station has been a nice mix of her and Sara Bareilles, and Anna Kendrick’s When I’m Gone just popped on!

Do you like caramel and/or candy apples?
Favorite musical?


a nice stranger and some running

A stranger did the nicest thing for me today!

I had a 5:30pm meeting today across campus in a building I’d never been to before, and I allotted myself 15 minutes to get there because I was leaving a different meeting.

[A reminder that I am severely directionally challenged and will get lost anywhere with more than 2 turns.]

So I figured out how to get to the new building with the fewest turns possible, power-walked  in anticipation of getting lost, and then of course got lost.  It was 5:25pm.  I greeted a woman leaving the nearest building–she was obviously on her way home–but she kindly led me inside to her office (unlocked every door on our way there because her building was closed up), figured out where I had to go, and pointed me there!  It was incredibly selfless because I’m sure she was ready to go home.  I was only 10 minutes late, but the meeting started 15 minutes late (?), so basically I was early.

At this meeting, I learned about potentially hazardous foods.  Did you know that sliced melons, pasta, and rice are really dangerous if they’re not kept at the right temperature for an amount of time, like at a picnic?

Speaking of nice things, remember the giant tub of trail mix that Sarah sent me in the mail on Tuesday?

Check out the progress:

But I didn’t do it all myself.  I brought the container to Life Group last night and announced, “Please eat as much of this trail mix as you can.”  And they did.  (It double counted as a peace-offering to make up for forgetting to read the material we discussed last night.)  As much as I love trail mix (a lot), I don’t like to have it around because it’s really hard to eat in any sort of moderation.  My options are: Eat it all, share it, or hide it–I had to hide the PB trail mix behind a giant bag of Craisins.

Now on to running…

Wednesday: Tempo.  7 miles with 3 mi @ 7:30 pace, followed by a quick ab routine & glute routine (lateral leg lifts, clam shells, reverse planks).  The tempo was okay, but it felt harder than I thought it would, and my quads were still a little sore from speed on Monday.

Thursday: 8 miles easy: 9:21, 8:37, 8:53, 8:03, 8:08, 8:19, 8:18.  I like to run with a route in mind but I didn’t today, so it was kind of weird.  I found a rugged trail and stayed on it for about a mile, but I stopped my Garmin because my pace was over 14 minutes (it was really rugged).  Finished the workout with 4 x 10 lunges & squats and 3 x 1:00 front plank, reverse plank, side planks)

Do you ask for directions when you’re lost?

And more trail mix

Restday Tuesday!

Tuesdays are my earliest/busiest days, so they will probably be rest days for the majority of the semester.  Plus my quads were a little sore from yesterday’s speedwork.

Even though I didn’t run today, I feel like I was on the go from 8a to 5p–clinic prep, clinic, clinic talk, files, class, programming hearing aids, and reports.

And then I came home to the most glorious surprise ever:


A PACKAGE from my dear friend Sarah!  It was a “happy half birthday” present!  She rocks!


I lived with Sarah for 3 years in undergrad, and she knows me very well.  I mean, trail mix, more trail mix, flavored almonds, fruit snacks, ear plugs, a tie-dye spatula, and a cute bin…nail on the head.  We have a mutual love for trail mix, and I am extra thankful for the spatula because I didn’t have one.  Thanks Sarah!

I already opened the large container of trail mix, which is a problem because I still have an open bag of PB Trail Mix (aka Angel Food), and trail mix is my most addicting food in the entire world: note this post, this post

I also cut a giant watermelon and went on a walk with Bre and Chunk, which was much better than reading the textbook that I almost opened.