Phonak U

Quick post during break time at Phonak University, a conference for audiology students put on by one of the big hearing technology companies.  My friend Krista and I are reppin’ Purdue and meeting other audiology students from across the country–and catching up with my aud friends from Central Michigan University!

We had a wonderful little reunion.

We’ve been here since Tuesday evening and have had the opportunity to tour Phonak, learn about new technology, and attend sessions about different aspects of audiology.  It’s been a fun and informational few days!

Krista is a fitness nut just like me, so we’ve been able to fit in a solid workout each day in the hotel fitness center!  Our hotel has the nicest hotel fitness center in all the land–5 treadmills, 4 ellipticals, 2 recumbent bikes, 1 upright bike, and a separate room of weights.  Yes!

Wednesday: weights!
5 minute warm up (elliptical)
10 x single leg deadlift, squat, reverse lunge, glute bridge (all with a 15lb weight except the bridges)
5 minutes of abs
^^repeat both sets 3-4 times

Thursday: 6 mile treadmill
I made it more bearable by (walking the first quarter-mile and then) running the first mile very slowly.  Then I upped the pace every minute until I reached a 7:30 pace and hovered @ that pace for a half mile before slowing down and doing it again.  A good, hard treadmill run.  Unfortunately, the TV attached to my treadmill was broken and I had to stare at a black TV for an hour, but I survived.

We’re headed to a Mexican restaurant tonight, and we finish up with a send-off breakfast tomorrow morning.

P.S. Summer classes are finished, so this upcoming week is gloriously freeee!


3 thoughts on “Phonak U

  1. Karen, I’ve been reading your blog and it REALLY makes me miss having you to run and do workouts with!! ugh, so jealous of your motivation and drive!! 🙂 Miss you!

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