USAT Nationals, Home for a week!

Whoa, busy weekend!

A few things before we move on to running:

  1. My apartment now has internet and cable!  CableGirlKaren hooked it up all by myself with the detailed instructions provided by Comcast.  The first thing I did was google Purdue’s parking services to pick up my parking pass before the office closed because Friday was all about checking un-fun tasks off my list.  I still don’t have silverware or a coffee pot, but I can live with one plastic spoon and no coffee longer than I can live with no internet.
  2. I am HOME in Ohio for a solid week.  I got back at noon on Saturday and was greeted by my family plus a family of relatives!  Because…
  3. Three of my cousins, Mike, Dan, & Ally, competed in the USA Triathlon Youth & Junior National Championships this weekend and the venue is close to our house, so they came to stay with us for a few days!  Just like our last family get together, this weekend was full of athletics and card playing.

Mike and Dan raced on Saturday morning before I got home, and Ally raced on Sunday morning.  They are all superfast swimmers, bikers, & runners, and they all did an awesome job!  Mike didn’t have an ideal race–the slippery roads caused a blood-gushing wipeout, but the medical team took good care of him, and Mike had a great attitude about it.  I didn’t get to see Mike and Dan race, but it was neat to watch Ally in action.

Here’s me, Ally, and Laura before Ally’s big race!

Mike, Dan, & Ally after the weekend of races.

And a funny story:
Ally, Dan, and my Uncle Matt claimed that I looked just like the girl who won the women’s triathlon on Saturday morning.  On Sunday, a little boy and his family congratulated me on the win and wanted a picture with me.  Bummer for them, but compliment to me!  Even though she is 19 and I am 23….
I decided that I had to see this twin, so I found her and explained the story–and then I am sure I sounded like a wacko creeper when I asked to take a picture with her.  Her friends thought we looked like the same person too, but I don’t really see it.  Either way, I’ll take it as a huge compliment because she won the National Championship race.

Me and my megafit twin, the future famous athlete.

Now more running:

Friday: 7 miles with 4mi @ 7:50 pace, at 6:00pm.  This was after I got back from Phonak U.  I was not feeling like a workout, but Krista and I let ourselves sleep in by holding each other accountable to run later that day.  Somehow I felt awesome after the first mile and loved this run.

Saturday: 8.5 miles with 5mi @ 7:45 pace, 5:30am.  Same route as Friday and pretty much the same workout.  I opted not to run with the usual Saturday morning run group because I wanted to get an earlier start and earlier finish to get home by noon.  I’ve got to hand it to the run group though; they started at 4:20am in order to finish a 20-miler before coaching a beginner group at 8am.  Now that is insanity dedication.

Sunday: 12.3 miles @ 8:10ish pace with my favorite running partner!  Neither of us were very pumped to start the run, but we got into a groove and had a much better run than anticipated.  I felt strong for the first 10 miles, but I was tired for the last 2–this area has more hills than my school routes.
Father-daughter post run pic.  After this picture was taken, we had approximately 20 minutes to shower, get ready, and leave the house to watch Ally’s triathlon.  Made it!


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