The run that wasn’t, the run that was, and the other run that wasn’t.

Before I jump into running, my teeth would like to announce that they are cavity-free!  I went to the dentist this morning for the routine check-up and aside from being an agressive brusher, my dental hygiene is great.  I’m glad they were able to fit me in considering I procrastinated and called yesterday.  I also procrastinated on making a haircut appointment and called today, but luckily they had an open spot this afternoon.

With sparkly teeth, I popped over to the YMCA day camp where I worked for 5 summers to say hi to my old boss, coworkers, and kids!  It’s always fun to see returning campers grow over the years, and I knew 20 or so kids.  One of the girls in the 11-12 group today was in my 6-year old group my first year as a counselor, and she’s been there every summer!  Being a summer camp counselor was a challenging, think-on-your-toes, patience-testing job, but I learned a crazy amount about how to work with kids.

The run that wasn’t:

Remember yesterday when I promised I’d run later in the day after my lunch digested?  Well, I tried and hugely failed.  After waiting three hours, I pushed myself out the door for two sloppy sluggish miles and quit.  It was hot, I was cramping up, and the humus I ate for lunch apparently needed more than 3 hours to settle.  I felt like a squished bug when my next door neighbor asked me how far I went and I squeaked out a “2.”  (I didn’t tell him they were each 10 minutes).

But oddly enough, when I got back my walk-jog, I saw that my dad had texted to see if I wanted to workout with him after work, so I flushed the pre-workout workout out of my mind and waited for him to get home.  Round 2 was much better.

The run that was:
5 miles + strength circuits

We set up a strength circuit area on our deck and did bodyweight moves after every mile for 5 miles. It was fun!  Well maybe not fun, but we were glad we did it.

Our makeshift fitness area.

The other run that wasn’t:
My dad and I were planning on doing speedwork with our local running group on Tuesday evening–including a timed prediction mile!!  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to use the normal track, so the prediction mile was relocated to a far-away track, so my dad & I bagged it.  I was mostly relieved (group speedwork makes me nervous), but I’m curious what my mile would be.

And the other run that was (not in the title; oh, tricky!):
7 miles (6 tempo)

Instead of speedwork, I went on a solo tempo this morning just after the sun came up.  After I got through the first mile, I ran 6 miles at a tempo pace on a hilly terrain: (9:06 for the first mile), 7:31, 7:51, 7:41, 7:28, 7:24, 7:36.  I was surprised that I was able to maintain the pace because my legs were pretty tired when I woke up, but I felt great after I started.



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