Meh Tempo

I was so excited about my tempo run on Tuesday that I tried to do it again today.  It was not as good the second time around.

I started at 8am, and the air was thick and heavy…and maybe my legs weren’t too happy about two hilly tempo runs in 3 days.

Each mile was consistently slower than on Tuesday, but I still ended up with 7 total miles and 5 miles at a faster pace: 8:52, 7:34, 8:07, 7:57, 7:44, 7:50, 8:28.  On Tuesday I felt strong, but today I felt absolutely terrible.  I had to stop 3 times because I thought I was going to die.  Thankfully I survived, but I think I left a little part of my soul on one of the hills.

Moral of the story is that humidity can make or break the run, so don’t be sad if you flop a tempo.

I changed out of my drippy clothes the minute I stepped inside of my house, and I did a round of butt exercises–reverse planks, lateral leg raises, & clamshells.  My left upper hamstring/butt has been hurting on and off since the Heritage Trail Half late September, and last March the chiropractor nicely hinted that I need to strengthen the area before I actually get hurt and can’t run.  I haven’t been a very diligent hamstring-strengthener, but the last 2 days have been 2 for 2!  Maybe I will use some of that scrapbook paper to make an accountability calendar.

Then I spent most of the rest of the day shopping!  (In case you were wondering, I did not bring my hydration belt but I did have snacks in my purse.)  I went to the outlets with mom and then another shopping center alone.  I bought a few clinic shirts, a sweater, and a pair of running shorts.  Success!

And I also went to Target and added all of these books to my “to read” list because I am an un-indie reader who likes to read books that are already popular.


Now I’m off to win a Tonto game against my dad & brother.
Edit: I came in last place.

Outdoor malls or indoor malls?
Does the treadmill ever sound better than a humid run?


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