Princess Sneaks and Bird Pictures

I bought new running shoes yesterday!  Mizuno Wave Inspires!  …my 8th pair!

I’ve gone through a variety of colors, but this is my first time with princess kicks.  Yikes is how I feel about these colors.

I hope magic fairy princesses are fast runners!

The first few runs in a new pair of shoes are extra fluffy and cloud-like, so I’m excited to take them out for a spin on Thursday.  This morning I stuck with my current (old?) green Inspires for a run/circuit workout on the deck, similar to Monday evening.

I changed the circuit up a bit from normal and ended up with this:
Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 5.59.30 PM

Good workout!  I think, at least.  Pretty sure humidity was in quadruple digits, so I couldn’t tell how much of my sweat was purely from being outside and having sweat glands and how much was from exertion.  This routine had more ab work than normal which is good, and I liked the addition of the split squats!  Three circuits took an hour to do.  I finished up with a round of butt exercises (reverse plank, lateral leg raise, clamshell, glute bridge) to help my poor weak upper hamstrings.

After the workout, my mom and I went to Costco.  Who loves Costco?! (Me! Me!)  Unfortunately, there were no samples, but that’s okay.  I bought bulk protein bars, calcium supplements, frozen burritos, almonds, and mini humus packets.  No 59-cent pop at Costco today because it was still morning and even I have limits on when is an acceptable time of day to drink Diet Coke. LessPop2013 made a surprise appearance.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with my crafty side, thanks to a generous donation of scrapbook paper from my mom into my DIY fund.

I started with this:

And ended with this:


I’m planning out projects for the rest of the paper…

Thoughts on pop in the morning?
Crafting: yay or nay?
M&Ms or Skittles?


2 thoughts on “Princess Sneaks and Bird Pictures

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