Another Strength Circuit and Middle Child Woes

Happy Frrriday!

I slept in this morning, and it was awesome.  Then I sat in my kitchen in my workout clothes and ate watermelon while I worked up the ambition to drive to the YMCA for a strength workout.  
The ambition didn’t come, so I changed into normal clothes (meaning a different pair of running shorts and a t-shirt) and went shopping with my mom.  It was a great choice!  I got to spend time with my mom, AND I finally bought more black pants and other staples.

The workout happened later in the afternoon, but I stayed around my house instead of going to the Y.  I ran 4 miles and did the same strength circuit as Wednesday between each mile.

This workout was another sweatfest in the afternoon heat, and I had to take a lot of mini-breather breaks during the circuits.  I finished off with 3 one-minute reverse planks, making this 3 days in a row of reverse planks.

Then I took world’s fastest shower and went to McAllister’s with my whole family.  It was the first time in a while that just the five of us ate dinner together.


Greg snagged my middle-child spot.  

At least he can sit up by himself now because Laura, the oldest, always got to hold baby Greg’s head and I was stuck with his smelly feet.

img104 sc01086199

I was so sad and jealous of lucky duck Laura who got to hold the baby’s head.

I found this picture online today, captioned “the moment he realized he was now the middle child”:

I love it!  Me, him, and Stephanie Tanner can team up and wear our hand-me-downs together.

I’m heading back to school on Sunday to start the fall semester, so I’m dedicating tomorrow to last-minute back to school tasks– like baking banana bread and baking cookies, grilling and freezing hamburgers, and getting the oil changed in my car.

Oldest, middle, or youngest?
Pick 2: Salad, soup, sandwich, spud
Mike & Ikes or gummy worms?


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