Fall racing!

Lately I have been loving these tempo runs.  Ryan got me a Garmin for Christmas, and now tempos are fun in a weird sort of way.  This morning I went 7 total with miles 3, 4, & 5 @ 7:30-7:40.  I skipped my normal hilly route and ran the same half-mile loop a bunch of times.

Saturday is usually my long run day, but I didn’t feel going any longer than an hour this morning.  Maybe tomorrow or maybe I’ll skip a long run this week.

BUT, exciting news: I think I’ve decided on which races to run this fall!  We’re looking at a half marathon on September 29 and another half on November 3 (though subject to change if something comes up).  The September half is a trail race and the November half is a road race, and I’d love to get under 1:40 for the road race.  It’s 12 weeks out, and I found a 12-week plan online created by Ryan Hall that I think I’ll loosely follow.  More on that later.

I didn’t do anything very exciting today, so here are some photos from our sibshoot yesterday:

Greg loves me

Our clothing gets scruffier as you move from left to right.  Please disregard my wrinkly black crewneck.

Ouch.  Again….

Do you prefer your cookies right out of the oven or right out of the freezer?


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