Foam Rolling & Food

I opted out of a long run this morning.  My legs were tired from all of the tempo runs this week, and I have speedwork planned for tomorrow morning (week 1 of HM training!).  Instead, I went 7 miles at an easy easy pace–no Garmin because I didn’t even want to know the pace.

There were lots and lots of runners out this morning!  We all waved when we passed one another–this means that we all spread out the fingers of one hand and grunted, but in a friendly-intended way because that’s all we could muster.  Or at least that’s what I did.

I completed two rounds of reverse planks, lateral leg lifts, and clamshells after the run and almost did abwork then didn’t.  I’ve been pretty diligent about hamstring strengthening this week, and I’d like to carry that over to foam rolling as well.  I foam-rolled last night, thanks to help from Laura!


I was shocked when I shouted “Hey Laura! Will you come here and kind of lift me up and pull my arms?” and she DID.  Whenever I try to roll out my hamstrings alone, I can’t seem to put enough force on them because I’m holding myself up with my arms.  The awkward position above is one way to solve the problem, but if anyone has any better ideas, please let me know..

Laura stopped by for the evening, but before she came, my mom and I (mostly my mom) made 2 new recipes!  We picked two things from my Pinterest meal board:

  1. Spinach Parmesan Quinoa from Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish –Anything with Parmesan is good in my book.  The more parm, the better.
  2. Tuna Salad with Avocado from The Lean Green Bean.  This was mayo-less!  I generally avoid tuna salad because I don’t eat mayonnaise, so I think this was my first time ever eating tuna.  It was GOOD.


Fall semester work starts tomorrow.  Wow!


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