800s and a deep hatred for navigation

Nothing makes you dread Monday morning like morning speedwork does!


I mentioned before that I’m loosely following a training plan by Ryan Hall that I found online, and today was:

15 min warm up
6 x 100m strides
6 x 800m w/ 90 sec rest
15 min cool down

I hadn’t done structured speedwork since I can’t even remember when, so I didn’t have any time goals for the 800s, and I ended up with: 316, 3:20, 3:22, 3:22, 3:26, & 3:24.  (I don’t think you’re supposed to get slower with every repeat.)  And I’m not sure that I really pushed myself hard enough because my cool down miles were both 8 minutes and felt oddly easy.

I’ll get ’em next time.  But really, I’m just happy that I made it to the track because I almost bagged the idea in favor something on the roads and less structured.  I had a meeting on campus later in the morning, and I get unreasonably nervous when I drive somewhere new with any sort of time crunch.  I had never been to that track before, nor had I ever driven to campus from my new apartment, so I was weirdly stressed.  Zero sense of direction, a terrible memory, and a fear of being late but always running late is the worst combination ever.  This enormous hate and fear for logistics includes navigating new places alone, being the co-pilot, making decisions about what time to leave, and figuring out tricky transportation (like flights and shuttles).  Fact: When I took the GRE, I was more about finding the location than actually taking the test.

But everything worked out and I made it to all obligations on time, and I even put food in my crockpot before I left!


I followed a recipe I had pinned for General Tso Crockpot Chicken (chicken + garlic, brown sugar, ginger, soy sauce, crushed red pepper, stir fry veggies)–it tasted good, but it was pretty dry because I left it in the crockpot for like 9 hours.  I ate it with rice, and I mixed in some peanut butter.

This Ryan-esque meal made me sad that Ryan and I aren’t neighbors anymore and can’t make random meals together all the time.

But we got to Skype…with a special guest appearance from Tucker!  He is eyeing up Ryan’s left ear, which he will taste in a few seconds.
Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 7.45.06 PM



3 thoughts on “800s and a deep hatred for navigation

  1. Hi Karen, I got motivated to do my intervals after reading your blog. Did 6x1100m intervals in the parking lot/road outside our Eastover SC mill. It was the only place I could find shade at noon with 96degF temp. Odd distance, but it was a convenient start/stopping poing. I didn’t do the 6x100m striders, but will try to incorporate them on future pre-intervals or post-easy run. Also did a 60min circuit yesterday aroung the hotel parking lot, similar to what you and I did at home last week. Love you.

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