No more spoons and weird things on sticks

Apparently I eat faster than I wash dishes.
It was either this or the ladle.  (But no worries–my dishwasher is currently loaded & running).

Two runs to catch you up with!

After Monday’s speedwork, I decided to sleep in on Tuesday and go out for a short and easy run before dinner.  This was an excellent plan at 6:00am but a groaner at 5:00pm.  Why are recovery runs so much harder to get started?  Once I finally pushed myself out the door, my shins cramped right up and I had to stop after every mile to stretch.  I ended up with 5 miles (none of them felt good), but I was proud of myself for trying to run, so I rewarded myself by skipping ab work and any other strength training I should have done.  I’m seriously going to need a sticker chart for strength training.

I wasn’t too concerned about Tuesday’s bleh run because it was a recovery day.  And today I ran a morning tempo run, and it was awesome!  7 total with 3mi@ 7:38, 7:27, 7:22.  Perfect run weather (barely 50 degrees), and it made me super pumped for fall running!

Fall running makes me think of our club running team at CMU and my running friends.  Here’s me with two of my best fall running buddies who I wish lived next door to me (or at least in the same state) so we could run together allll the time.

CMU runpals

You can also tell that fall is coming because there are a billion freshmen around campus.  Right before the fall semester starts at Purdue (aka now), there is a week-long event for freshmen called the Boiler Gold Rush.  All I know about BGR is that everyone is divided into groups of 15? (20? I’ll count the next group I see.)  and the group leader carries a very tall pole with something attached to the top.  So far, I have seen the face of Will Ferrel, a blue bikini, a silver filling on a paper-mache tooth, the state of texas, and a stick horse all attached to different poles.  Judging from this, BGR must be very fun.

Cereal of choice?  And favorite sugary cereal?
When is the last time you had a sticker chart?


2 thoughts on “No more spoons and weird things on sticks

  1. Haha love your cereal pick! I LOVE Puffins (I think the brand is Barbara’s). There isn’t a whole lot of fiber or protein in them, but only 5g of sugar. But it’s ok, I don’t eat cereal for healthy reasons, just to satisfy a craving 😉

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